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The sadistic and oftentimes masochistic nature of Ireland’s approach to lockdown has made headlines around the world in the the past few weeks, but its latest cruelty is of a depraved standard that sets a new low.

The cruel secular government, who has shut down Mass out of spite and sent Gardai to fine people who attended funerals (even as they themselves jetted to places as far as Iran and Turkey for no justifiable reason), are preventing Derek Jennings from being with his father when he could pass away at any moment. Jennings flew home from Israel to be with his father after he was taken to intensive care after suffering from cancer for a year.

Under advice from the atheistic government and NPHET (who have achieved a sinister, cult like authority in Irish society), the High Court has now twice denied his requests to leave quarantine to be with his dying father. Jennings has been vaccinated and has presented a negative test against Covid.

Despite the fact that Israel is now being removed from the list of place that people have to quarantine from, the warped government still refused his appeal.

His lawyers told the courts not only were the humanitarian grounds overwhelming, but mandatory quarantine was unconstitutional.

The fact that the Irish government and NPHET are so adamant to keep this man from seeing his dying father, is a damning indictment of both.

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