According to Gerald Celente of the Trend’s Research Institute, two of the trends that will dominate the remainder of 2021 will be the ‘anti-vax’ and ‘anti-tax’ movements, with Celente warning Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog in a recent interview that we’ll be witnessing new anti-immigration and anti-establishment political movements gaining numbers in 2021 as well.

Both of the videos at the bottom of this story are from Celente, including the 1st one within which he warns of a ‘call to action’ in an urgent message to the American people. The main focus of his warning.:

“I’ve had it! I will no longer live in slavery. I will not live in tyranny. Freedom has been stolen from us. We must fight for Freedom – I can’t do it alone.”

With the mainstream media recently giving us another hint of more medical tyranny ahead, reporting that ‘vaccines alone won’t be enough to end the pandemic’, one of the most dangerous people in the world to the globalists unfolding agenda recently issued us all a huge warning of what he feels is ahead so we’ll be taking a long look at that warning within this ANP story.

While the name ‘Dr. Michael Yeadon’ is certainly not a ‘household name’ across America like ‘Dr. Anthony Fauci’ is, we can learn a lot more about America’s ‘unfolding reality’ from Dr. Yeadon than we’ll ever learn from Fauci.

As Dr. Yeadon himself admits, while he’s always thought of himself as a “boring guy”, that ‘boring guy’ had decades ago started “to work for a big drug company”. With Dr. Yeadon ending up becoming the Vice President for the ‘big pharma’ giant Pfizer, his words hold great weight so please take these words of his in deeply and think about them before we continue below. 

From this absolutely critical story over at Life Site News titled “Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’”, Dr. Yeadon warns us that national policies are being created around lies and false information and that the result is leading us to catastrophe.   

Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory who spent 32 years in the industry leading new medicines research and retired from the pharmaceutical giant with “the most senior research position” in his field, spoke with LifeSiteNews. 

He addressed the “demonstrably false” propaganda from governments in response to COVID-19, including the “lie” of dangerous variants, the totalitarian potential for “vaccine passports,” and the strong possibility we are dealing with a “conspiracy” which could lead to something far beyond the carnage experienced in the wars and massacres of the 20th century.

“I think the end game is going to be, ‘everyone receives a vaccine’… Everyone on the planet is going to find themselves persuaded, cajoled, not quite mandated, hemmed-in to take a jab. 

“When they do that every single individual on the planet will have a name, or unique digital ID and a health status flag which will be ‘vaccinated,’ or not … and whoever possesses that, sort of single database, operable centrally, applicable everywhere to control, to provide as it were, a privilege, you can either cross this particular threshold or conduct this particular transaction or not depending on [what] the controllers of that one human population database decide. And I think that’s what this is all about because once you’ve got that, we become playthings and the world can be as the controllers of that database want it.”

Nothing less than the ‘mark of the beast in our faces’ as Susan Duclos had reported in this March 31st ANP story, that unfolding dystopian nightmare is sounding more and more like the totalitarian globalism that has been crashing down upon America for over a decade now, with incrementalism being used to turn us all into a ‘boiling frogs’. And if Dr. Yeadon is correct in his warnings that we’ll explore in the next section of our story below, we’ve run out of time to change course with medical tyranny being implemented not only in America and the Western world but globally. 

With Dr. Yeadon also warning us within that Life Site News story that after listening to the mainstream news broadcasts and reading the newspapers, “in the last year I have realized that my government and its advisers are lying in the faces of the British people about everything to do with this coronavirus. Absolutely everything“, why would any government do such things unless they had sinister intentions? 

Dr. Yeadon’s answer for why governments are lying to us about all of this should make every American not only stand up and take notice but prepare for the unleashing of tyranny ahead.:  

“Why is my government lying to me?’ Because ‘they are going to kill you.’” 

“If you recognize that our governments are involved in a major verifiable lie, don’t just turn your computer off and go to supper. Stop. Look out the window, and think, ‘why is my government lying to me about something so fundamental?’ Because, I think the answer is, they are going to kill you using this method. They’re going to kill you and your family. 

“The eugenicists have got hold of the levers of power and this is a really artful way of getting you to line-up and receive some unspecified thing that will damage you. I have no idea what it will actually be, but it won’t be a vaccine because you don’t need one. And it won’t kill you on the end of the needle because you would spot that. 

“It could be something that will produce normal pathology, it will be at various times between vaccination and the event, it will be plausibly deniable because there will be something else going on in the world at that time, in the context of which your demise, or that of your children will look normal.

“That’s what I would do if I wanted to get rid of 90 or 95% of the world’s population. And I think that’s what they’re doing.” “Now I don’t know [for certain] that they’re going to use that [system] to kill you, but I can’t think of a benign reason, and with that power they certainly could harm you, or control you, so you should object [and strenuously oppose it].”

And with Dr. Yeadon’s confirmation of the ‘globalists depopulation agenda’ as a former ‘big pharma insider’ the latest sign that the ‘conspiracy theorists’ were right all along, Dr. Yeadon also warns of widespread censorship surrounding Covid and ‘vaccines’ in 2021, just as we had warned of in this April 10th ANP story. And such censorship is always a hallmark of tyranny. 

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With nearly 40% of US marines refusing to get the Covid vaccine because they believe it was developed too quickly as the Daily Mail reports in this new story, as the top-voted comment on that story pointed out: “The vaccines were developed way too quickly and we’re still in the experimental phase. Not taking it shows thoughtfulness and intelligence.”

And with even Reuters recently doing a story about Dr. Yeadon, calling him ‘an anti-vax hero’, if you don’t want to take the word of Dr. Yeadon, we invite you to visit all of the stories we’ve linked to directly below from other websites providing us with more evidence the entire world is being lied to.  

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And with it now feeling like ‘the countdown to no return’ is winding itself down to an end as Michael Snyder reports in this new story over at the Economic Collapse Blog, with ‘the tipping point’ having been passed as the masses are herded like sheep towards the slaughter house, and ‘it entirely possible vaccine campaigns will be used for massive depopulation’ in the words of a former ‘big pharma insider’, it appears this Covid-19 psyop is just ramping up as we’re driven towards their satanical ‘end game’

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