By Helena Handbasket – April 9th 2021

I have recently started designing my own t-shirts with simple slogans to try to get a reaction and a conversation going, and to try to determine how many people out there are actually in agreement with myself and others that the biggest hoax in world history is taking place in plain view in the shape of the Covid scamdemic/plandemic.

My first design simply stated that “Good People Disobey Bad Laws”. It still gets positive reactions today. My second featured a quote by Mark Twain :-

It is easier to fool someone than to COnVInce them that they have been fooleD

To date I haven’t gotten any reaction from that one but I suspect people would be very wary trying to challenge the message simply due to the fact that if they were to ask what it means I would have to point out that if they believe the current nonsense surrounding an invisible pandemic, then I probably won’t be able to convince them otherwise. In other words, they’ve been fooled, need to admit that and probably don’t want to get into a conversation where that can be easily proven.

So to my third attempt, and probably one I think would stir some reaction. I’ve been wanting to do one on masks for a while and wanted a simple message to catch the eye. I decided on:-






Not thinking this offensive or derogatory to anyone, I went ahead with my design through the company Zazzle. I hadn’t used them before and was stunned when they rejected my design due to their content guidelines.

Their first response was to thank me for my order…

              Thanks for your order, Neilfbg!
Your order is in great hands and is being made with love just for you.  

Then someone higher up the food chain decided otherwise. They didn’t want to have any love for my design at all.

I received the following email, literally minutes later…

Offensive? How?

I of course wanted an explanation and received the following response…

Hello Neil,
Thank you for contacting us!

We would love to produce all designs submitted, however, Zazzle prides itself on upholding all intellectual property rights as well as our own content guidelines and copyright policies.

In this instance, your order contained Covid-19 – It is against Zazzle policy to produce or sell merchandise making light of, or sensationalizes this public health threat.

Your order has been cancelled in full. You can expect any preauthorized funds that were set aside for the purchase to be released within the next 3-5 business days, depending on the processing speed of the financial institution that authorized the initial transaction.

If you decide to place a new order, feel free to respond to this email with the new Order ID (131-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXX) and we will be sure to process your order as quickly as possible.

Below you will find a replacement promotional code to use when placing a new order:

Valid until: 04/15

For future reference, please review the Zazzle User Agreement at:  

We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment that you may have experienced due to this cancellation and thank you for understanding. We look forward to delighting you with high-quality products in the future!

Content Management Team
Zazzle Inc. 

Case Number:  CAS-6308287-D7F5S6 

My response to this blatant lie…

I beg to differ… My content did not mention Covid-19 at all. Are you simply censoring actual scientific facts now? Propaganda does work. That is proven beyond doubt. What is also a fact, even reading the information on masks in Walgreens pharmacy which sells many of these under false pretenses of course, because their own brand packaging tells you that the masks do NOT protect you from viruses. That is a FACT.

I would be very interested in knowing where this policy of absurd censorship originated as I have seen highly offensive t-shirts on people walking around stores which children can clearly see and nobody says a word against that.

I would be very interested in your justification for such a blatant censorship policy, a policy which you claim I have broken the rules of by mentioning Covid-19. My design did not mention Covid-19 and you know that.

It’s quite pathetic.


Neil Foster

Why would anyone use a blind t-shirt design company?

I do not expect any further correspondence from these cretins but it just goes to show how insidious censorship has now become across the whole gamut of potential media products. And for these fools to lie blatantly by stating that my designed contained Covid-19 (Was it infectious?) is absurd, and furthermore, to suggest I was sensationalizing it is further lunacy.

The only place it’s ‘sensationalized’ is in the mainstream media!

As stated in my reply, propaganda is a proven method of indoctrinating whole populations and has been used for that purpose throughout history and the manufacturers of masks admit they do not protect against viruses.

How then is the term “Mainstream Media Propaganda Works, MASKS DON’T” in any way sensationalizing or making light of Covid-19?

This company, like any company that abuses it’s power in pushing a fake narrative as the basis of their terms and conditions and uses it as a tool of censorship, should be boycotted completely and they deserve to go out of business.

This applies to any business, big or small, who do likewise and comply with totalitarian measures to curtail the freedom of expression, free speech, free thoughts, bodily integrity and all the freedoms we all have by right.