Overlord Fauci has conducted countless interviews with mainstream media pundits who do nothing but shower him with praise.

by daniel_g –

And treat him like he’s the all-seeing eye of infectious diseases and vaccines who can never be wrong.

So, an innocent interview with Mexican actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez would be no big deal.

Just a friendly way to reach out to the Latin community and propagandize them about COVID-19 vaccines and convince them to get that jab.


But that’s not how things turned out for con-man Fauci.

Check out the clips:


After all those mainstream press interviews, it took Derbez to put Fauci under the microscope and ask the real questions the public wants to know.

And he caught Fauci in some straight-up lies that will never be checked by the “fact-checkers.”

For example, there is ZERO FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine.

And Fauci slithered away from admitting it.

He tiptoed around the question of assuring the public there are no long-term effects for this new EXPERIMENTAL technology that has never been used on the public.

Not to mention, another straight-up lie about residual DNA from aborted fetuses being in the vaccine.

You can watch the full interview below:

Maybe Fauci thought he would breeze through this interview.

It’s just a Mexican actor and comedian.

What could go wrong?

But Eugenio Derbez put Fauci on the hot seat and exposed his lies, unlike any pundit in American mainstream media.

Kudos to him!

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