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Ireland has been facing a crisis for the past year, that crisis is its Globalist anti Catholic government using the current Global situation as an opportunity to exercise control over Catholics. Not a single case has been linked to churches, yet the spiteful politicians and various officials have delighted in intimidating and harassing Catholics trying to attend not only the Mass, but funerals and weddings also.

As written by Angelo Bottone last week, Ireland has had the longest and most pointless lockdown on religious worship in all of Europe.

In his latest report on the Iona Institute website, he stated that Ireland’s 39 week attack on the Mass is almost 3 times longer than the UK, 8 times longer than Italy and 8 and 15 weeks longer than the two nearest, Slovakia and Slovenia, respectively. No country in Western Europe even comes close to what is happening now. Gardai are regularly being sent to intimidate priests and the faithful, with no end in sight. None, whatsoever. It would perhaps be controversial of us to point out the religion of the Garda Commissioner overseeing all of this, but maybe Google him and his background and make up your own mind.

In a compelling video on the topic, Home of the Mother priest Father Luke Demasi has spoken passionately and meaningfully on the topic. In the video, he outlines some of the issues facing Ireland currently, drawing parallels with the apparition of Our Lady of Knock and the various suppressions of the Eucharist in the past century. He also discusses the situation with Father PJ Hughes in Cavan, who is being regularly reported to Gardai by anti Catholic forces in his parish of Mullahoran. Father Luke also points out that comparing Ireland to China and Afghanistan, which it now ranks alongside of in terms of persecution of Christians, does not really answer the question of why it is happening here and now in the same way that we have answers for those places.

It is a fantastic video and we recommend that you watch it and like and subscribe to the fathers.

Catholic Arena