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A pro-life student at the University of Virginia is being accused of antisemitism for comparing the mass slaughter of unborn babies in abortions to the Holocaust.

The College Fix reports students with the University of Virginia Jewish group published a letter on March 17 accusing Student Council candidate Gavin Oxley of making antisemitic comments online. Oxley lost the election two days later, according to the report.

Oxley’s comment did not disparage Jews or diminish the horrors of the Holocaust; it described abortion as “the greatest genocide of all time,” according to the student paper The Cavalier Daily.

“I in no way think the topic of the Holocaust to be joked with,” Oxley wrote on a post on Instagram. “Millions of innocents were slaughtered by the thousands because of the lack of reverence to the sanctity of life. By supporting abortion you are supporting genocide. As awful as the Holocaust was, this genocide has expanded even further than that. These fetuses that are being aborted are DEFENSELESS.”

But the letter, signed by more than 50 students, slammed Oxley’s comment as “hateful” and “dangerous.”

“We, Jewish student leaders on Grounds, write today to denounce, in the strongest of terms, the recently-surfaced antisemitic comments from Student Council Presidential candidate Gavin Oxley,” they wrote.

“Antisemitism is on a stark and terrifying rise throughout the United States. In the face of such hate, it is our shared responsibility — both Jewish and non-Jewish — to call out antisemitism wherever it exists,” they continued.

“We hope that Mr. Oxley, and the rest of our shared community, take this hateful speech as an opportunity to learn,” the students wrote.

Writers at The Fix asked several of the signers to explain how Oxley’s comments were antisemitic but did not receive any responses.

In the United States, more than 62 million unborn babies have been legally killed in abortions since 1973. While abortion rates are down thanks to the tireless work of pro-life advocates, nearly 1 million unborn babies continue to be killed in “safe, legal” abortions each year.

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