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Irish student nurses on placement have been told by the HSE Chief Clinical Officer “take the vaccine or end your studies “ according to an Aontú statement.

Leader of Aontú, Peadar Tóibín stated;
A large number of Students have called me over the weekend in relation to correspondence issued from the HSE Chief Clinical Officer to higher educational institutions which stated that from the 1st of April “Students that are eligible for vaccination, that have been offered vaccination and decline vaccination should not be assigned to clinical placements in HSE facilities”.

“Obviously many people like myself believe that the vaccine is a key tool against the illness however like most people we do not support the idea of mandatory vaccination.”

“We believe that all adults should have the right to decide for themselves on whether or not to take the vaccine. What’s unfolding among many students at the moment is a form of Mandatory Vaccination. Students are being told take the Vaccine or say good bye to all the work that they have done and to their medical careers.”

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