Identity Dixie – Padraig Martin

Men are the reason Marxism has never truly taken root – anywhere.  Consequently, Marxists have to rid themselves of men to achieve their goals.  That is happening rapidly because you – MEN – are helping them do so.  With your slovenly appearance, repudiation of genteel manners, degradations toward our women, and disavowal of traditional values, you have surrendered your homes to single mothers, your faith to older grandmothers, and made yourselves easily replaced by a Division of Child Support Enforcement case worker.

It is time to reclaim your natural role as judicious provider and noble protector of your families, beginning with your women.  Only through reestablishing our valuable contribution to the family can we dismantle the alternative – the collectivist state. This begins with pulling out chairs for a lady.  Let me explain…

There is no question that Marxism has made enormous gains in the collective mindset of modern America.  But it still has a problem.  Marxism requires the individual to subordinate himself to the state entirely.  Anything short of that goal undermines its entire utopian infrastructure.  As long as the family unit remains intact, Marxism cannot win because the family divides the loyalty of the individual.  As long as your children honor you over the federal government, Marxists lose.

Thus, Obama was quoted as despondently saying after Trump won in 2016, “Maybe we pushed too far… Maybe people just want to fall back into their tribe.”

Unfortunately, while we traditionalists see things at the micro-level, focused on our day-to-day lives, Marxists see patterns of systemic behavior and understand the significance of winning cultural wars. 

This is why Marxists have been so desperately fighting genetic science in almost every manifestation of the term.  The fight over “race,” denying its role in human behavior, is a Marxist attempt to undermine natural decisions to separate among people who are like themselves (Obama’s “tribes”)… the fight over “equality,” is really a fight between those who are genetically capable of thriving within the boundaries of order and those who cannot and therefore, need a state entity to impose outcomes on their behalf… the fight over “gender,” an immutable male-female construct of DNA determined by chromosomes, is really a fight waged to undermine natural and inherent concepts of femininity  and masculinity… and so it goes.

Here is where modern men help Marxists win: by failing to do our part as patriarchal leaders and gentlemen, we make the Marxist argument that men contribute little to the male-female relationship – the foundation of all family structures.  Let’s face the facts.  Our thirty seconds of pleasure leads to forty weeks of her discomfort and the pain of childbirth, only to then find herself raising a child, possibly on her own, if we fail to be the patriarchal gentlemen we should be.  Honestly ask yourself, what does she get out of the relationship?  A paycheck?  So what.  While you, the man, is out cavorting with other women or playing video games, your children are raised on an iPad and eating frozen dinners while she seeks the companionship of another male. 

As for that paycheck… the Marxist state becomes your ex-wife’s hero (assuming you even married her), and as they seize a portion of your paycheck and redirect it to her, the state make the argument for Marxism: You do not need men, you just need the State.  Trust me, your children see that, too.

Fifteen years later, you are shocked to find that same collectivist state telling your son it’s OK to wear eye-makeup, but it’s not OK to be White… and your ex-wife (or baby mama) is whispering, “Listen to them,” because to her they have been her benefactor while you have not.

Right now, your daughters are learning those same lessons on how to live without men… “Girl Power!”

In no place is this truer than in the South.  Once known for its impeccable manners and honorable customs, the South has descended into the same moral cesspool of its Northern and Western neighbors.  We may blame Hollywood and the media, but let’s place the blame where it rightfully belongs: ourselves.  We chose to let this happen when we surrendered our Southern soul for the conveniences of television and smartphones. 

So, how do you fight back? You become the Patriarchal Gentleman you were designed to be – and you do it now! 

You need to feel and act like a man who loves his wife and children because God bestowed upon you great blessings.  You treat ALL women as gifts of God and expect nothing in return from them.  You become the Gentleman Warrior your ancestors were and you are endowed to be.

Here are twenty simple rules (in no particular order) that you can follow – today – to immediately combat the Marxist message that undermines your inherited role as judicious provider and noble protector:

  1. Put down the video controller and pick up some weights or a book: you will not become the hero of the real world while pretending to be a hero in a video world; such emasculating lasciviousness deprives women and your families of their right to your masculine attention.  It is not an accident that gender norms have completely collapsed during the era of video gaming.
  2. Pull out chairs for a lady:  the rules go as follows – if she is with you, pull out her chair; if she is not with you, pull out her chair; if you are in a group, pull out the chair for the woman to your right (which should be the woman with you, unless you are seated as couples across from each gender)… but always pull out the chair.
  3. Open doors for all people, but especially a lady: there is no exception to this rule, if you are a man, you do this. Period.
  4. Never sit down before all of the women at the table are seated: regardless of whether you are at a McDonalds or a Morton’s, when a woman is standing in your presence, so are you.
  5. Stand when a woman enters and departs your presence at a table:  the only exception to this rule is the family table, where it is likely a woman/wife/mother will likely need to serve the meal in stages and consequently depart frequently.  If you are wondering to which age this rule applies – all females eighteen and over, unless you are a male under the age of eighteen, in which case, all females who are older than you or to whom you wish to show general affection and deference.
  6. Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to her: do not take it for granted that she has done the laundry or cooked you a meal.  Thank her and thank her often.  If you have a request, say please.  Simple gratitude goes a very long way in any relationship.
  7. Carry EVERYTHING: to your maximum ability, you should carry everything and she should carry as little to nothing as possible.  If you listened to rule number one, this rule should be easier for you to accomplish.
  8. Buy her flowers:  I do not care if you are dating a woman that says she does not like flowers – she is lying.  Flowers are pretty reminders of your affection.  Whereas men love BIG surprises, women are genetically wired to like lots of little gifts.  Do not get me wrong, they like big gifts, too; but women enjoy multiple small tokens of appreciation and love more than men.  When I was too poor to buy my wife flowers, I took twelve strips of paper and wrote small love notes to her – hiding a dozen reminders of my affection in little places I knew she would find them.
  9. Walk on the outside of any street walkway:  while it is true, no one is throwing chamber pots out of their windows, puddles still emerge and cars still splash up onto the sidewalk.  It is your role as men to always guard and protect her – even from the degradation of splashed mud.
  10. Wait for everyone’s meal before eating:  be patient and wait until everyone is served before picking up your fork – especially your wife.  This is a subconscious reminder to all in your presence that a provider – a man – ensures all have received their provisions before he provides for himself.  The only exception to this rule is a late guest. 
  11. Offer your coat:  If she is cold, offer your coat.  Do not hesitate.
  12. Smack her butt in private:  Not too hard (unless you are both into that sort of thing), but give her a tap on the butt every now and then … more now, than then … it lets her know you still find her attractive at twenty-five, thirty-five, forty-five… or one hundred and five.
  13. Every so often, grab her and kiss her like you mean it:  this should need no explanation as to why.  You do not need to be perverse in public to make this happen – just do it, especially when she least expects it.
  14. Do your chores willingly:  you may or may not be the cook in the house, but there are plenty of other things you can and should be doing – from taking out the rubbish (which is a man’s job, unless you have children} to mowing the lawn (unless you have children).  Help around the house in ways in which you can help.
  15. Groom, groom, groom:  cut your nails (fingers and toes), comb your hair (if you have any), dress presentable in clean clothes… cut the figure of a gentlemen.  You may work in a grimy job, but shower when you get home.  Dress like you did when you dated.  When we fell on financially hard times, I worked as a butcher.  It was a dirty job.  I was covered in blood in the areas not protected by my apron.  I would not meet my wife until I was presentable for others… nor should you.
  16. Thank God for Her – and make sure your children hear you say that:  at the dinner table or in the car with the family, wherever it is that you say your prayers, make sure your daughters hear you say, “Thank you, God, for my beautiful wife…”
  17. Dress to match her:  if she is in a dress and heels, you should be in slacks and shoes.  If she is in shorts, you can wear shorts (assuming you wear shorts).  But whatever you do, make sure you match her.  Do not be the dirt-bag at the restaurant with a hat on and jeans while she is dressed to impress.  Respect her enough to wear clothing that says you care.
  18. Never wear a hat indoors or especially at the dinner table:  if you are indoors, be a gentlemen and take off your cover.  This is especially true if your mouth is chewing.  If you are eating, the dome of your head should be exposed.  It is the polite way of showing respect for any home and especially a meal.
  19. Tell her she is pretty:  that costs nothing and it means everything.
  20. When you are with her, pay attention to her:  not your phone… not the hot blonde in the corner… not the television (unless you are both going out to watch a game)… focus on her and mean it.  She is beautiful and she is yours, let your actions reflect that.
  21. When you meet a woman for the first time, shake her hand firmly but not crushingly, look into her eyes, and tell her your full name… and keep your eyes focused on her eyes.  I promise you, at some point she will go to the bathroom and you will have an opportunity to check out the rest of her (and she’ll know you are doing so).

Men, in all the ways in which you can fight against the collectivist state, reclaiming the gentlemanly mannerisms of our forefathers can do much to restore the balance of male-female relationships, the family construct, and the traditional foundations upon which centuries of our Western Civilization was built.  If you want to defeat Marxists, you start by dismantling their narrative.  Begin doing these things today and you will see a better tomorrow.  Be strong… be civil… be loving… be a Man… be a Southern Gentlemen in all things.

Identity Dixie