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Sesame Street has decided that young kids must be taught about racism and are introducing a couple of new black muppets onto the show to do just that:

“Sesame Street” is introducing two new Muppets, a Black father and son, as part of an effort to help children understand racial literacy.

The two Muppets, Wes and Elijah, were introduced in a short video created by Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind the long-running show. In the video, Elmo wants to know why Wes’s skin is brown, so his father Elijah explains the concept of melanin and how “the color of our skin is an important part of who we are,” according to a press release from Sesame Workshop.

Sesame Workshop also released a music video to the song “Giant” where the “Sesame Street” Muppets celebrate their “own unique identities.” Another video featuring Rosita, her mother and her friend celebrates speaking Spanish and shows the Muppets helping Rosita cope after a racist incident.

Additional new resources to support families who want to discuss race and racism with their children are being released as part of Sesame Workshop’s “Coming Together” series.

“At Sesame Workshop, we look at every issue through the lens of a child. Children are not colorblind — not only do they first notice differences in race in infancy, but they also start forming their own sense of identity at a very young age,” Sesame Workshop’s Senior Vice President Dr. Jeanette Betancourt said in a statement.

“By encouraging these much-needed conversations through Coming Together, we can help children build a positive sense of identity and value the identities of others.”

Does this sound familiar to you? We just wrote a few weeks ago about the Arizona Department of Education pushing this nonsense that white children start seeing race as infants and if they aren’t taught not to be racist, they will grow into racist adults.

When Sesame Street’s senior VP says ‘children aren’t colorblind’ and that they begin to see race as infants, that’s exactly out of the Arizona Education playbook. They are attempting to push this ‘racist baby’ anti-White curriculum with their show.

This garbage teaches that white kids are racist by five years old, while non-white kids aren’t. And this is the impetus behind what Sesame Street is doing now.

I don’t necessarily have an issue with children being taught that racism is wrong. Of course it is!

What I have a problem with is that this assumes white children inherently grow up to be racist while other children don’t. This entire curriculum is a response to the absurd notions about white privilege by leftists in our society and the end goal of this is to put these white children on a path to believing that, because of their white skin color, they are guilty of oppression of blacks and other minorities. And, of course, they need to spend their whole lives making amends for their past racist sins….or something. This is nothing but white guilt indoctrination!

Here’s a few responses of note:

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