French university study finds ‘tens to hundreds of times higher mortality by Pfizer vaccine’, experts speak of ‘a new Holocaust’

Infectious disease experts at the University of Marseille speak of ‘a new Holocaust’ based on official government figures in Israel – Nearly half of all official Israeli corona deaths occurred after vaccinations, starting in in mid-December 2020 – The majority of serious patients in hospitals were vaccinated once or twice.

Dr. Hervé Seligmann, an Infectious Diseases expert at the University of Aix-Marseille, together with engineer Haim Yativ, have taken a close look at the official figures and statistics of Israel, to date by far the most corona-vaccinated country in the world, to see if it is really true that the Pfizer vaccine reduces the number of corona cases and deaths so significantly, as most mainstream media claim. Several newspapers, including France Soir and Arutz Sheva now report that Seligmann and Yativ have come to the startling conclusion that “hundreds of times more young people and dozens of times more elderly people die from the vaccine than from corona in the same period. They even talk about ‘a new Holocaust’.

In Israel, 53% of the population has already been vaccinated. To compare: In Great Britain, number 2 on the list, it is 26.9%, in the US 13.5%, in Germany 4.1%, and in Australia only 0.1%.

Dr. Seligmann works in the Infection and Tropical Diseases Research Department of the Medical Faculty of the University of Aix-Marseille, and has more than 100 scientific publications to his credit.

‘Hundreds of times higher mortality in younger people, and dozens of times higher in older people’

Together with engineer Haim Yativ, he requested the official figures of the Israeli government via a WOB request, and concluded that the Pfizer vaccine causes a mortality rate hundreds of times higher in younger people than the coronavirus without the vaccine, and a mortality rate dozens of times higher in older people, especially if one also considers the many older people who – also as in the Netherlands – die shortly after administration of the vaccine from a brain haemorrhage, heart attack or other condition.

The authors of the study declared that they have no conflicts of interest, except that they have children living in Israel.

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‘A New Holocaust’

Point by point, their conclusions are:

* There is a mismatch between the published data by the authorities and the reality on the ground;

* In January 2021, there were 3,000 reported vaccine counter-reactions, 2,900 of which were due to the mRNA vaccines;

* Mortality is 40 times higher compared to other years;

* The authors debunked a Ynet article on the ‘success’ of vaccinations based on the same figures and information. ‘By analyzing this data, we came up with mind-boggling figures that contribute significantly to vaccine mortality.’

* The authors state that ‘vaccinations caused more deaths than the coronavirus would have done in the same time period;’

* 2337 of the 5351 official Israeli coronavirus deaths occurred between mid-December, the start of vaccinations, and mid-February. So in two months there were almost as many casualties as in the 10 months before. Moreover, the number of deaths in those two months increased proportionally fast to the number of vaccinations. There can therefore be no question of coincidence;

* The same is true of the number of serious cases in hospitals. The majority of people who were hospitalized on or about February 10 had already been vaccinated with the first dose, or had just received the second dose within 2 weeks before their admission;

* Also for the population up to 65 years of age, statistics from the Ministry of Health show that “most Covid-19 deaths during this period were vaccinated people“; “during this 5-week period of the vaccination process, the mortality rate of this age group increased by 260. At first, 0.19 people in 100,000 died; after vaccinations began, this rose to 50 in 100,000;

* As the number of vaccinations and the average age of vaccinated people declines, there will be a temporary drop in serious cases and deaths in the near future. In a few months, however, Seligmann and Yativ expect a huge increase, as the medium- and long-term effects of the vaccines (including ADE and therefore much higher vulnerability to the virus and its various mutations) will then hit. ‘But this will only occur after the upcoming elections, leaving (surviving) voters with no other opportunity to express their disappointment in the voting booth.’

* Partly because the Israeli authorities put the population under great pressure to be vaccinated, the experts concluded that there is talk of ‘a new Holocaust’. Furthermore, they said they regretted that the Israeli Ministry of Health did not want to respond.

Inverted Star of David: the Green Passport

Radio producer Mordechai Sones began several weeks ago by reading aloud 28 names of people who have died after receiving the experimental Pfizer mRNA ‘nano’ vaccine. These included older rabbis, but also younger, healthy people, such as a woman of 25.

Israel, meanwhile, plans to stockpile another 36 million vaccines, and has now introduced a “reverse” version of the Star of David, the “Green Passport,” which allows vaccinated people to regain access to restaurants, entertainment venues, activities and events.

Potentially greatest crime against humanity ever has gone into effect

As we have been writing for months, these are the first pieces of evidence that we are indeed dealing with the world’s greatest human rights violations ever, which threaten to turn into the greatest crime against humanity ever. Politicians and other policy makers who are guilty of this will most likely never acknowledge it, and falsely attribute all vaccine deaths, no matter how many there will be, to corona, a mutation, another virus, or “coincidence. And they will continue to get away with that as long as the vast majority of the population continues to blindly trust them.

To end, therefore, with some apt quotes from Mark Twain that unfortunately apply to many of our countrymen:

‘How easy it is to get people to believe in a lie, and how hard it is to undo it!’

‘No amount of evidence will ever convince an idiot.’

‘Every civilization bears the seeds of its own destruction, and in all the same cycle can be seen… People invent their own oppressors, and the oppressors perform the function for which they were invented.’

And if this is indeed a new Holocaust, on an unprecedented scale, then – given the polls for March 17 – we will therefore have ourselves to thank for most of it. I have written it many times before, and am writing it again: those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and those who surrender their independence and critical thinking skills to politicians, media and mindless entertainment are thereby signing up for their own demise.