• Sinn Fein met with the President of the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, NOV 2019
  • Richard Haass is a committed Zionist & Iraq war supporter, yet Sinn Fein supporters think Sinn Fein are Pro-Palestine and anti-war. It wasn’t the first meeting.
  • Also met repeatedly with Construction Union mired in corruption allegations multiple times, who are currently supporting Biden. Meetings were directly before Haass meeting, on the same day.
  • Mary Lou Macdonald met Union LiUNA every year except Nov 2019, we speculate why
  • Sinn Fein have shadowed the Democrat Party’s Black Lives Matter protests, George Floyd politicisation, Mask Mandates, Lockdown advocacy, destruction of jobs, and support for China
  • Two weeks after the meetings, €4.6 million euro appeared for Sinn Fein from a magic caravan
  • All information comes from Sinn Fein’s own records registered with the US Government (linked) recently outlined how Sinn Fein are not using the science on Covid-19 and lockdowns, as a weapon to attack the FFG coalition in Ireland.

Sinn Fein know that right now in Ireland we only have cases and no sickness, and no death relative to all other mortality causes. Yet we have shut our economy down and killed hundreds of thousands of jobs. Sinn Fein, if they choose, can scream aloud that the WHO advised against lockdowns and change the country overnight. They can have 100,000 people on the streets this weekend if they expose the FFG and media Covid lies. Yet they don’t. We started digging.

Sinn Feins deal with the devil

We explained in great detail how Sinn Fein are remaining silent and letting people commit suicide in record numbers due to lockdowns and despair, missing cancer & disease screenings in closed hospitals, all because Sinn Fein wish to profit politically from the inevitable misery that is coming.

Why are Sinn Fein wilfully allowing working class society to disintegrate with job losses and suicides, for a virus that has a 99.7% recovery rate and an average age of death that is over the Irish life expectancy? Why did they help drive the Covid-hysteria from the start in Ireland (instead of advising the Irish people on the available data), through their many Facebook pages with millions of followers.

We may have found out who gave them the Green light, and what the deal was.

Hot off the Freepress – what follows is an illumination on just what is actually driving Sinn Fein policy.

Strap yourself into the DeLorean folks, we’re going back to November 2019 in Washington.

What Is ‘Friends Of Sinn Fein’ (FOSF)

‘Friends of Sinn Fein’ is an USA-based organisation that fundraises for Sinn Fein every year. The leaders of Sinn Fein attend speaking engagements and show their face; paddy-whackery & hob-knobbing with Irish America. Standard stuff.

Since 1995, they have been required to register all travel itineraries for their visiting staff and details of their fundraising activities, under the US Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

You can do a search for yourself on the FARA database website here.

Here are the links for the past three years of FOSF activities 2019, 2018, 2017 – each document lists out all donations, amounts, and itineraries for Mary, Gerry, and the gang.

November 2019 FOSF FARA supplemental statement on fundraising activities

November 2018 FOSF FARA supplemental statement on fundraising activities

November 2017 FOSF FARA supplemental statement on fundraising activities

There’s lots of info in each, but we will focus on two interactions across those three documents. Sinn Fein’s pattern of interactions with construction Union LiUNA & CFR President Richard Haass.

Gerry Adams and Mary Lou MacDonald had high level meetings with both in November of 2019, two months before the P(L)andemic started, and three months before the Irish General election.

Richard Haass, President Of The Council On Foreign Relations | Recognised Pro-Israel Zionist

A quick note: this particular piece is not taking a line on Zionism or Israel. Israel is relevant to the discussion because Sinn Fein are surrounded by supporters who believe Sinn Fein support the Palestinian cause. Based on their recurring relationship with Richard Haass, they probably don’t care about Palestinians, just as they don’t seem to care about the Irish.

Sinn Fein met with Richard Haass on November 8th at 2pm, 2019 (see he 2019 FARA link above, and just use ctrl+f, type ‘Haass’ and hit enter to see for yourself. Page 23, & 25). Gerry Adams attended the meeting with Mary Lou MacDonald and two others as you can see below.

For any young Sinn Fein supporters looking to understand exactly who the CFR are, please watch this excellent video on their foundation, and how they control your world and run all wars. Q

Why are Sinn Fein meeting with the president of the CFR so much? Keep Covid-19 group psychology in your mind as you watch. – Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power
Richard haass mary lou meetings with FOSF gerry adams nov 2019
Richard Haass Mary Lou Macdonald meeting with Gerry Adams nov 2019

Mary Lou MacDonald did meet Haass in 2018 (Gerry Adams wasn’t invited to that one and was sent home the previous day).

Neither Adams nor MacDonald met with Haass per the 2017 FARA return.

So, it seems the 2019 meeting with Haass was important for both senior Sinn Fein people to be there, with the staffers.

Haass served as special envoy to Northern Ireland from 2001 to 2003 after George Mitchell. He didn’t achieve much: there wasn’t much to do. In 2013, he was invited back to chair meetings about flags in Belfast for a few months. He achieved nothing and talks broke down. That was the end of his official involvement with Northern Ireland.

So why are Sinn Fein still meeting with a former CIA official and president of the Council for Foreign Relations (a non-governmental, power-behind-the-throne private think-tank) in November of 2019? Why not talk to political experts about the upcoming election? Or do more fundraising? Surely that time could have been better used.

Was it just for a pint to chat about old times? But if that was the case, why did only one of them meet Haass in the previous years? And was there long enough to really befriend them?

What is Richard Haass’s background?

Richard Haass has been President of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) since 2003. On the face of it, the CFR do not take a public stance on supporting either Democrats or Republicans. Haass has served administrations from both sides of the US political divide, and he is very much a product of former CIA director and US president, George H. Bush.  

His daddy, Prescott Bush, sold oil to the Nazi’s during world war 2, and was successfully sued for it. Forget the ‘Republican’ label – the political divide in the US is a charade – there are criminals and non-criminals. Barack Obama was raised by the Bushes, for more on that – make yourself a cup of tea and read this.

Barack Obama is currently campaigning for Joe Biden as we approach election day, and they are both at the head of an Democratic party organisation mired in scandals (along with Hillary Clinton) that are just getting going.

A hard drive showing Hunter Biden with his 14-year-old niece has been handed into police in recent days. And we all know the stories about Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, and Hillary. And we’ve all seen Joe Biden inappropriately touch children here (put your tea down for that).

Point is – Bush/Biden/Obama – all cut from the same cloth, Democrat/Republican, doesn’t matter.

Haass worked under both Bush administrations, and he supported the Iraq war (which was a racket as we now all know: there were no WMDs). He has authored 12 books, notable titles include ‘Crisis of the Old Order’, and War of Necessity, War of Choice: A Memoir of Two Iraq Wars’. This guy seems to be the ultimate New World Order deep-stater type.

The Council on Foreign Relations is as deep-state as it gets – the real power behind plenty of thrones. Servando Gonzalez has written a fantastic book about it. It’s beyond the scope of this article to go into it more, but sharp eyed readers will notice that we shared a piece recently showing presidential candidate Joe Biden bragging about bribing the Ukrainian President for $1billion dollars to fire a prosecutor who was investigating his son (at Burisma) at the time. The backdrop for the video is a CFR conference.

If you have not watched that short clip, you really should. It is a crucial link in the ongoing scandals Stateside and puts plenty of what you’re about to read into context. Richard Haass and the CFR are also decidedly pro-Israel and the greater Israel project (Lebensraum).

That quote is from a conversation which is currently blocked on Twitter, documented here by Mondo are a well-known supporter of Palestinian rights.

You can also see from the CFR’s monthly magazine, Foreign Policy, that they are decidedly pro-Biden, and anti-Trump. That might sound like music to the ears of the left, but in light of the above, perhaps you need to ask some questions about the left being the same as the right in many cases. You know, the false dichotomy that divides us all. Moving on.

Richard Haass has plenty of ties to the British/European establishment. A Financial Times profile shows him to be a big fan of Winston Churchill, with a virtual shrine to the man in his home (Winston Churchill’s Grandkids now run Serco).

Serco is an international conglomerate that runs Britain, even as far back as 2013. SERCO is also getting every Covid-19 contract the Tories can dish out – from contact tracing and dishing out fines, to vaccines. Labour politicians have spoken in parliament about it in recent days.  Many speculate it is owned by the UK crown.

Haass is also a Rhodes Oxford Scholar (see wiki above). Every single Covid-lie that has paralysed the world has emanated from Oxford University. From Neil Ferguson and his crazy death prediction models, to Boris Johnson, to Professor Luke O’Neill and the Irish Vaccine scam we highlighted – Oxford are the driving force behind the scamdemic.

Yes – we are linking Haass to Serco based on pictures on his wall. But considering Trump passed him over for a high level security position at the beginning of his administration (he didn’t get to work with Trump), it looks like Haass may not have passed the deep-state sniff test.

Interestingly, Richard Haass’s wife Susan Mercandetti, worked at ABC news up until 2014, at the same time as Jon Williams, which we detailed in this article here. Jon Williams now runs RTE Fake news & current affairs (Ireland’s publicly funded news broadcaster). Remember the topic in the background – no one is telling the truth about Covid, and RTE are lying about everything. RTE won’t discuss the fact we have cases and no sickness, and virtually no deaths relative to all other causes. And RTE presenters like Claire Byrne are lobbying for the Pharmaceutical industry and are pushing vaccines.  Note all the links. There’s more to come.

Richard Haass is the man Sinn Fein chose to meet prior to their big election push of February 2020: A former CIA operative, best friends with the Bush Family, CFR President, War-mongerer, Oxford University Old-boy, and pro-Israel Zionist.

Someone should give Mary Lou MacDonald a call to figure that one out. Oh wait, I forgot (damn), the Irish media don’t ask questions anymore! They need the Covid-ad money to stay open.

There are also unasked questions about multiple Sinn Fein pre-election meetings at the HQ of one of the most corrupt labour Unions in the US.

LiUNA, And The Biden/Harris Connection

Gerry Adams also had multiple meetings with the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) in November 2019. Mary Lou Macdonald skipped these meetings. LIUNA is a labour organization that represents more than 580,000 laborers in the construction industry in the United States and Canada. 

Go to the 2019 report for verification (ctrl+F ‘Liuna’ and enter).

Brian Donohue, Rita O’Hare, Conor Murphy, Ciaran Quinn – all members of the travelling Sinn Fein cabinet, all had multiple meetings at LiUNA HQ in November 2019 in Washington. Some were followed directly by meetings with Richard Haass.

In the preceding years, there was only ever one meeting at LiUNA across the entire travelling delegation.

It’s important to note, that the construction industry in the US is not a clean business. (It’s dirty in Ireland too – look out for news about CRH blowing soon in the US).

LiUNA is up against the Italian mob and plenty of other outfits, for control of construction jobs in the US. If you want to survive, sometimes you have to play dirty – we’ve all seen the Sopranos, Jimmy Hoffa, the Wire, and plenty of other movies that lay bare the reality of protection and survival in the US construction game.

Many of the companies donating to Sinn Fein listed in all of the FARA submissions above are Irish construction companies. Many of them are good people who have provided badly needed jobs to Irish people over the decades, when there were no options at home. And they should be commended for that. They have literally saved Irish lives. They kick up to LiUNA.

If you want to read about the various corruption scandals surrounding LIUNA, including pension fund corruption allegations, there’s plenty online – here’s a good starting point. It’s par for the course, and just the way it is – they’re no different to most US construction Unions.

And when it comes to raising money in Ireland for political ends, dodgy dealings are also par for the course. That’s the reality. Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are just as dirty as Sinn Fein in this regard. FFG simply have the market cornered for corrupt political money in Ireland. Vincent Brown always said he could never find the source of the money that put Fine Gael into power. It’s still a mystery. But FFG’s owners also control the media in Ireland. Game set and match.

Coming back to the meetings last year, the below looked off. Sinn Fein entered ‘Brexit’ as a meeting subject, with a union of US based construction labourers. Ctrl+F and ‘Brexit’ on the 2019 document to see for yourself.

As Pam Landy said in The Bourne Supremacy‘does that scan to you?’

A meeting with Richard Haass on Brexit would make sense. But LiUNA? An Irish mob union outfit with enough internal issues and Union wars to be worrying about?

Where there’s mob money, there is a useful potential go-between for creating distance for political influence.

Why did Sinn Fein have so many meetings at LiUNA this year, relative to other years?

They didn’t raise much more money than previous years, despite the upcoming election? Were they getting money some other way?

What input could a construction union have for the upcoming election in Ireland three months later, beyond throwing them a few more dollars? Why spend so much time with them?

Interestingly Mary Lou MacDonald did not attend any meetings at Liuna in November 2019, despite being present in the same cities as the delegation most of the time.

She met them every other year that she travelled, even before 2017. What made November 2019 so different?

Then again, the boss doesn’t usually get involved in the dirty stuff. Tony Soprano rarely got his hands dirty either.

LiUNA and the Democrat Presidential Ticket

The other REALLY interesting thing is who LiUNA are supporting for president – Child-sniffer Joe Biden. Check out the LiUNA website – they’re supporting Biden Harris. Now, let’s put aside the contradiction of American construction workers voting for a President who did nothing but offshore jobs to China for eight years as Vice President with Obama.

LiUNA are all about Joe ‘three banners’ China-owned Biden for President

That’s bad for the Union and workers. And let’s also acknowledge that most of those Union workers are going to vote Trump – the Union doesn’t decide how they vote in the election.

What is important to note is that a corruption-riddled union is supporting a Biden presidential ticket that is mired in corruption scandals. Corruption scandals regarding Ukraine, child molestation (didn’t Gerry Adams cover up the rape of kids by Sinn Fein members too?), and lots more.

They hosted Sinn Fein at multiple meetings outside the normal number before a general election in Ireland.

And two weeks after Sinn Fein got home, 4.6 million magically appeared for Sinn Fein from someone’s magical caravan …..TWO WEEKS LATER.

Were Sinn Fein wargaming out all the angles on how to explain the coming windfall while at Liuna? Is that what all the meetings were about?

Sinn Fein have mirrored everything the democrats did in the US up to today, to de-stabilise the Trump administration, and serving Richard Haass’s goals to stop Trump into the bargain.

It’s all very co-incidental.

Two weeks after multiple LiUNA meetings, there’s 4.6 million in a caravan. Bingo Bongo!

See or for more on the Hunter Biden story that the Main stream media and Big Tech are trying to censor.  It’s really huge.

Conclusions On Where We Go From Here

Sinn Fein, who have followed the US Democratic party’s politicisation of Covid-19 in Lockstep all year, had an extraordinary number of meetings with a corrupt labour union LiUNA in November 2019, and two weeks later 4.6 million was given to them out of nowhere.

They had lots of other people they could have met, but they had an extended conference with a known-to-be corrupt union that is strangely supporting a corrupt, Chinese-linked, jobs-outsourcing Presidential ticket.

Sinn Fein also had high level meetings with a Bush family, Oxford linked power broker who is president of the Council on Foreign relations, and a committed Zionist. Based on their behaviour, a few things about Sinn Fein now make more sense.

Why Louise O’Reilly and Sinn Fein put a mural of George Floyd beside Bobby Sands in Belfast. Floyd was a known rapist and armed robber, who was high on fentanyl. Sinn Fein knew he was a criminal. Knew they would get blowback. But it seems they were under orders to do exactly as required from the US – perhaps to keep Democrat Irish America on side as well as the Global narrative.

Floyd’s apparent killing was absolutely central to the riots that the democrats have pushed to destabilise America since the summer began. Riots which were politicised by the Democrats, and Sinn Fein in Ireland – both publicly, and through their Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements, which they control in Ireland. The reality is #alllivesmatter, as many black people will tell you just as much as we will.

If Biden wins, Sinn Fein will likely have the full support of the US administration and the money behind Biden ticket: the Communist Chinese Party and Big Tech wrong-think censors who are backing him. If that sounds bizarre, see this article we posted with a video on the Chinese Whistle-blowers outing Chinese control of Joe Biden (and many more politicians globally). Listen to what he says about China, Ukraine, and European politicians.

Sinn Fein have been ushering in every single Communist/Marxist policy in Ireland that they can in recent years, so this fits ideologically. This is the deal: Back up the lockstep political chaos in the US, like Johnson is in the UK, and reap the rewards with power in Ireland for the foreseeable future. The communist Chinese are playing empire. Sinn Fein want a piece.

This is why Sinn Fein are continuing to REFUSE to use science to attack the Irish Government on their Chinese-virus Covid-19 response. We outlined how Sinn Fein appeared to be controlled opposition here.

Sinn Fein know that the WHO have said Lockdowns do not work. They know that we have plenty of cases from a 7% reliable PCR test, and no sickness and relatively no death to other causes. They know suicides are going through the roof, and many more people are going to die because the hospitals are not screening for cancer and heart disease. They can end this government tomorrow if they want, by telling the truth. But that isn’t part of the deal.

They know all this, yet they are silent. Both because they are looking to profit from the misery that is coming as we explained in the above article, and because they likely signed a deal with the devil.

An international CFR power broker in Richard Haass, who wanted global economic recession to take out Trump, and a Biden/Democratic political machine who wanted the same. The Vaccine gold-rush is a secondary issue.

It strikes this writer that many of the young people enamoured with Sinn Fein’s woke destruction of the Irish Nation need to take a long hard look at the fact they are no different to other Irish mainstream political parties. They are sacrificing the lives of our people for a political deal, and money. They are in league with Bush-era warmongery, and a corrupt mob labour Union.

And it is ironic that the many construction companies that donated to Sinn Fein in the FARA reports above, probably left Ireland to escape the elitism and FFG West-Brit corruption seen in Ireland today. Sinn Fein are pushing the same thing rigged games – just with more abortion and taxes.

To those men who are donating to Sinn Fein (and we will email them all this article) – Sinn Fein are not who we all thought they were. They are not going to save Ireland. Fianna Fail and Fine Gael will not do it either, but that is a different story.

Sinn Fein are advocating for the pharmaceutical industry and unnecessary vaccines for our children (the abortion referendum to kill Irish babies that Sinn Fein drove was about Ireland’s lax Stem cell research laws for pharma research, and nothing more – whatever your opinions are on abortion).

Sinn Fein are advocating Ireland be swamped with immigrants (race issues aside, there are no houses or infrastructure or hospitals here for our own, or those we have welcomed in already). They are politically aligned with a known paedophile in Joe Biden. The Democrat party is riddled through with nonces, and that’s why they’re so corrupt: China has the dirt on everyone – and it’s all coming out.

Is that what Irish America want to fund? Would they want to be supporting Marxists in league with the CFR and Joe Biden?

To the Irish people who think Sinn Fein are the answer – time to face facts, they really sold you a lemon. They can bring this Government down tomorrow if they want. Yet they stay silent.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Let us stop being divided and conquered, seduced into our own demise by the likes of Sinn Fein and those who sell everything off to Europe.

Sinn Fein think suicides of our young people and cancer deaths are an acceptable price to pay for power. That’s why they are keeping silent – to profit politically from the misery that is coming, Reflect on that.

They’re no different from FFGG who have left our elderly rotting on trolleys every Christmas for decades.

Sinn Fein are helping to destroying Ireland and our people, and are dividing our young people by radicalising them with a destructive Marxist ideology. And they’re lying to these kids into the bargain.

They are willing to do anything to gain power and impose their Marxist ideologies on behalf of their backers.

One suspects that a few objected to their deal with the devil – a down payment of 4.6 million to go along with the manufactured Covid Hysteria, and keep their mouths shut about all the Covid lies and real science that mainstream media ignored.

They then agreed to use their multiple facebook pages like Call for a Revolution in Ireland to scare Ireland’s elderly people into early graves, and Ireland’s children into the noose due to depression and doom. To stop living, because of the manufactured fear of dying.

The suicides are flying daily, all disease screenings are massively down, and Sinn Fein can end this Government tomorrow with one facebook post showing how lockdowns don’t work (per the WHO); the PCR tests are a falsehood (per the manufacturers); how we don’t need vaccines (Per the Governments’ own recovery numbers) and how masks are ineffective against viral spread (per the CDC).

But they stay silent.

They sold Ireland out, just like FFG. They sold your children out. The damage has been done.

Breath free Ireland.

Break free from the shackles of political lies, controlled opposition, and media deceit.