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In a shocking escalation of the Irish State’s intimidation of Catholics, a Cavan priest has been fined and threatened with jail for leaving his door open as he says Mass.

Fr. PJ Hughes of Mullahoran parish in Cavan has said that he will not pay the fine and he will be happy to face jail if needs be, according to sources at The Irish Catholic.

The Cavan priest had said back in November that he will not be dictated to by Ireland’s ‘pagan government’.

The latest act of aggression from the State comes as its incompetent approach to lockdown is creating an increasingly exasperated public. Unpopular Taoiseach Micheal Martin has failed to secure enough vaccines, leading to an extension of lockdown until at the very least the summer.

In for criticism also is Protestant Garda Commissioner Drew Harris, who has allowed Far Left demonstrations to take place while coming down heavy handed on protests. and events organised by normal people. Likewise, Harris has been criticised for the fact that RTE escaped punishment for their outrageous recent party, from which photographs were release to the public. The Irish State and media also worked hard to suppress images of hundreds of Muslims emerging from Black Pitts Mosque recently. One individual who rang Gardai to report crowds at a Mosque in Ballyhaunis was mocked on the phone for trying to report it.

Topping all of this, Ireland has refused to close its borders, regularly inviting in large numbers carrying new strains from Brazil, South Africa and Nigeria.

The fact that Northern Ireland will have a return to Mass next week only further serves to highlight the failures of the Irish government, its sycophantic journalists and its increasingly over zealous Garda Commissioner.

If Fr. PJ Hughes is sent to prison, the incompetent Irish State will be inviting international attention of the sort that it does not want, not to mention the fact that all hell will be unleashed at home.

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