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by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Europe

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The news is sensational but for now it has not yet landed on the mainstream media. While agencies and newspapers around the world place great emphasis on the Danish authorities’ decision to stop vaccination with AstraZeneca’s recombinant vector serum (developed by the Jenner Institute of Oxford University) due to the risk of thrombosis with blood clots (contributing cause) also of the serious viral infection from Covid-19), a very important scientific article published in the prestigious BMJ (British Medical Journal) was currently ignored.

In it, the London scientific journal (therefore certainly proud of the vaccine created in Oxford) reveals a sensational incident that would have been concealed by Pfizer and EMA (European Medicines Agency) in relation to some batches of defective vaccines delivered to the European Union by the American multinational which markets the active ingredient created by the German BioNTech, both indirectly controlled by the new vaccine guru Bill Gates.

The news of the stop in Denmark of AstraZeneca’s antidotes against Covid takes on great relevance because Austria has already suspended its use after the death of a nurse directly related to inoculation and Latvia has also blocked some batches. In the same days when the reckless Italian Ministry of Health has instead extended its use also to the over 65s despite a flood of serious adverse reactions recorded by the EudraVigilance website at a European level.

After the publication of this article, the news came that AIFA (the Italian Medicines Agency) also blocked a batch of AstraZeneca vaccines, creating strong alarmism in Federconsumatori (Customer association). Other nations including Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway and Iceland have decided to stop using the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine due to serious blood clot incidents reported in many countries.

Precisely because of the delicacy and scientific complexity of the issue concerning Pfizer-Biontech defective vaccines, we report in full the article published in BMJ by affiliated journalist Serena Tindari of Bern (Switzerland). The numbers next to some words correspond to the references in the footnotes to the text.

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