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In Memory of Alan Watt

Alan Watt – A Song for Dads

Alan Watt Redux

‘Just like a flu shot’: People may need to take Covid-19 vaccine annually ‘for the next several years’

Texas launches effort to vaccinate homebound seniors in 26 counties

Experimental vaccine death rate for Israel’s elderly 40 times higher than COVID-19 deaths: researchers

Thoughts on “Enlightened leadership” as put forth in COVID-19: The Great Reset

IEA and Denmark host ministerial roundtable discussion on making clean energy a key part of global economic

Global spending on green economic stimulus slowly tracking upwards – study

COVID, climate, tax feature at first post-Trump G7 talks

All roads lead to Glasgow Joe Biden’s climate envoy tells world

The City’s Big Bang 2.0 might well be green-powered

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“CBC Flu Archive”

“The Age of Transitions”

Environment minister Sammy Wilson: “I still think man-made climate change is a con”