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GK Chesterton said that ‘Feminism is mixed up with the muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers, but slaves when they help their husbands’.

Some of the earliest proponents of this view were Communists who realised that the family unit posed a rival to their efforts to control society and the means of production.

In 1909, Theresa Malkiel founded the the first annual National Women’s Day alongside other members of the American Socialist Party and the United Hebrew Trades group. Raised in the Jewish faith, Malkiel regularly wrote in the anti Catholic publication The Progressive Woman, a newspaper which frothed at the mouth with claims that the church enslaved women.

At the International Socialist Women’s Conference in 1910 it was decided that a future date would commemorate the event as a regular occurrence.

The following year, widespread demonstrations for International Women’s Day took place, led by Communists across Europe. This is the date that the official International Women’s Day website of today gives as the incarnation of the current event.

From 1914, the date was settled as the 8th of March.

The beginning of the February Revolution started on the 8th of March in 1917, with women taking to the streets of Petrograd.

Regarding that event, Leon Trotsky wrote:

Women’s Day’ would inaugurate the revolution. Revolutionary actions were foreseen but without a date. But in the morning, despite the orders to the contrary, textile workers left their work in several factories and sent delegates to ask for the support of the strike… which led to mass strike… all went out into the streets

When Russia became Communist, it was the first country to officially celebrate the holiday, as a means of offering faux support by femininity, whilst in reality celebrating the successful usurpation of the state as both mother and father.

China followed suit and made it an official holiday in 1949. It is interesting that Communist countries made this token gesture one of their first acts once established, as if they equated true femininity with the measure with which they could be manipulated by the state to provide monetary value of labour outside of the home.

There is a reason as to why corporations have taken this on board, Capitalist societies despise the family almost as much as Communist ones did (perhaps even more) and want to devalue motherhood, emphasising that serving their employer is a more valuable enterprise to pursue than serving their children.

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