By Neil Foster – March 6th 2021

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death of Alan Watt of

Alan passed away on Thursday, March 4th

In all the years of my own radio broadcasting Alan Watt has always been an honest source of credible information and an honest broadcaster, simply presenting the facts as he found them. He was not a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

He did not speculate on things or sensationalize anything. He simply reported the real world as he found it.

It was my privilege to have Alan on air over the past 10 years and I know he will be sadly missed all those around the world by the many people whom he reached with his own broadcasts and writings.

He was one of a kind in what, at times, masquerades as the ‘truth movement’. He did not have a million dollar studio or sponsors. He was a true philanthropist of free information and he quite simply imparted that information as it was. No frills.

He has been accused in the past (by a few) of being a doom monger when in reality he’d said many times on air that he wasn’t talking to make people happy listening to what he had to say. He put the information out there into the public domain for people to do with as they saw fit. They could choose to look further into the topics or they could choose to ignore them. He wasn’t asking anyone to ‘believe’ anything. They had a choice.

Over personal phone calls with Alan we talked for an hour or two and even these calls could have been good radio material.

Sadly, I never got the opportunity to meet Alan in person and can only give my view of the man after many hours of conversation, both on and off air. And yes, he had a sense of humour; it was not all ‘doom and gloom’. It is my pleasure and honour to have known him through the airwaves.

He is a great loss to humanity but his knowledge and insights which are still available on his website which I would encourage anyone to explore. That knowledge will be as relevant in the future as it is today.

Perhaps sometime in the future, if we can get through this current dystopian nightmare, Alan’s tireless work will be recognised as one of the great and genuine philanthropic gifts to humanity and perhaps official history will also record his contribution to the world. If not, then we at least will remember the man and his words of wisdom.

I will always consider Alan to be a very good and close personal friend.

He has helped many, including myself, stay sane in insane times.

Rest In Peace Alan… And may your God or your Gods go with you.