Might upset other pedophiles.

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Australian reporters working for ABC Tasmania were angered when they were advised by top brass to stop using the word “pedophile” to refer to an accused serial child molester because it could discourage other pedophiles from seeking help.

“Oh, won’t someone think of the poor pedophiles!”

A senior producer at the network informed employees that Sexual Assault Support Service (SASS) had “mentioned their concerns” about describing former nurse James Geoffrey Griffin as a pedophile.

Griffin, who subsequently committed suicide, was accused by numerous women of sexually abusing them as children and police later found “a significant amount of child exploitation material” during a search of his home.

“We should avoid [the term pedophile], unless we know he had a clinical diagnosis of paedophilia and instead use serial sexual offender / predator, or a sexual abuser of children and young people,” the producer wrote in an email.

The missive also cited the SASS in advising that there are many “people with paedophilia” who “do not act on those impulses,” if they “reach out for and receive professional psychological help.”

The producer claimed that labeling Griffin a pedophile “could discourage” non-offending pedophiles “from seeking help, making it more likely that they go on to abuse children.”

Reporters were apparently “concerned and angered” by the email and were later told by the network that the word “pedophile” hadn’t been banned but that the SASS’s advice should be considered.

Some respondents saw this as yet another example of how society is becoming increasingly tolerant of pedophilia, which some on the far-left have tried to re-define as an alternative sexual orientation.

“Yes, by all means, let’s not hurt pedophiles feelings,” remarked one.

“This is what happens to empires/societies that live too soft too long and don’t face enough adversity or threats to its existence,” added another. “They go weird and can’t even call a spade a spade.”

Last summer, a controversy erupted when Netflix released Cuties, a movie that depicts underage children in a sexually exploitative manner.

However, many on the left defended the movie, claiming it highlighted the problem of sexually exploiting children.

Which would be like actually torturing animals to highlight the problem of animal abuse.

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