In 2021, everyone everywhere is carrying a camera in their pocket. We have access to video recording, photography and sound recording anywhere we go and can post it immediately on social media.

Add to that CCTV footage and you’re pretty much looking at Big Brother recording your movements one way or the other.

On Saturday, thousands of people gathered in around the top of Dublin’s Grafton St to participate, watch and control an anti-lockdown protest.

The majority of protesters definitely were peaceful. They chanted and arguably didn’t socially distance or wear masks, but they definitely were peaceful.

However, one boogie man figure emerged at the top of the crowd and directly shot a rocket firework into the direction of around 5 gardai, reportedly hitting one of them in the ear.

What all the above in mind, people’s phone cameras, CCTV, social media etc, it’s amazing that more than 24 hours later, no one – including the gardai, is able to identify who “Rocket Man” actually is?!

There’s plenty of photos floating around social media all day with alleged person’s face. Rumours of who it is, where they’re from and certain theories as to why he did it.

The ins and outs of “who done it” is certainly turning out to be a mystery in Irish political life.