A foreign national named Mujahed Omer has been jailed for four years for sexually assaulting a vulnerable young woman.

According to, the man tried to seek the woman’s assistance in placing fittings under a bath, causing her to lie on the ground, so he could sexually assault her.

The young woman is aged in her 20s and was obviously extremely traumatised by the encounter. Omer was said to be a highly respected member of his community with the young woman now afraid to go her local mosque.

According to, Omer came to Ireland from Pakistan in 2003 and spent two years in Mosney’s Direct Provision centre before being granted residency and moving to Lucan.

The Pakistani sought sympathy in asked the court to consider that he will be serving his time in prison as a foreign national, reports

As it appears to be usually the case, Omer will not face deportation when his sentence is finished.