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Mr. Potato Head is ditching the pronouns. Now it’s just Potato Head. No word yet on the fate of Mrs. Potato Head’s gender identity.

Mr. Potato Head has a new gender identity, and now considers itself nonbinary. Instead of “Mr. Potato Head,” the toy will now simply call itself “Potato Head.”

“Hasbro, the company that makes the potato-shaped plastic toy, is giving the spud a gender neutral new name: Potato Head. The change will appear on boxes this year,” the Associated Press reported.

The AP claims that this is part of a wider movement for “Toy makers” to update their “classic brands to appeal to kids today.” They explain, “Barbie has shed its blonde image and now comes in multiple skin tones and body shapes. Thomas the Tank Engine added more girl characters. And American Girl is now selling a boy doll.” It is unclear how the change in Potato Head’s gender identity will appeal to children. At nearly 70 years old, Potato Head’s change in gender identity is sure to turn heads among parents.

It is unclear if this gender change will impact Mrs. Potato Head, the female counterpart to the now-nonbinary Potato Head. Mrs. Potato Head, who still identifies as female as of this writing, has been in circulation almost as long as the former Mr. Potato Head.

Last year, Hasbro was scandalized by a children’s toy with a button on its “private area” that reportedly made the dolls “gasp and giggle.” National File reported:

The narrator goes onto explain: “It was my daughter’s birthday a couple of days ago and she turned two. And she was given this gift: a little Poppy doll–it is adorable.”

She then goes onto outline the features of the doll, including the 10 phrases and sounds that the doll makes when a button on its belly is pressed, but no mention of the button in the doll’s intimate parts under her skirt.

The woman filming touches the doll’s belly to demonstrate the promised feature on the box, causing the doll to sing. She then reveals a button on the doll’s “private” area that makes a “gasping sound” when pressed, before reiterating the lack of any mention of the “private” button on the box.

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