One of the bravest women in Ireland this week, beautician Christine McTiernan has been arrested this afternoon by a large number of gardai who descended onto shop for reopening it for a second day.

Christine’s story has gone viral after she announced that she had “bills to pay” and a “family to feed” citing the Irish Constitution to defend her Rights.

After initially reopening for business on Tuesday morning, once again today, Christine opened her shop’s door and was welcoming the public in for much needed appointments.

She received massive praise from around the country from people who say that she’s right to take a stand against the draconian lockdown measures and that people must fight for their business survival and reopen alongside her.

However, as violent criminals walk freely around Ireland today, and with Balbriggan itself the subject of many violent attacks, particularly by youths recently, the fearless beautician was arrested under a heavy gardai presence with onlookers saying as many as 10 gardai, and 4 garda vehicles patrolled up and down the street as the arrest was taking place.

She is currently being detained in Balbriggan garda station. Whether she will continue to reopen or not is not known at this stage.

This story is developing.