Orlared –

“Hundreds of Muslims” attend Friday prayers at Blackpitts mosque in Dublin city while Catholic mass is banned.

Several Irish men from the area can be heard commenting throughout this footage. One of them suggests he was told by a Muslim that Gardaí at Kevin Street had granted permission for the congregation to go ahead.

Two of the men said they had called the gardaí but they seemed to say little. None attended the scene.

It was estimated that 200 Muslims were in attendance and the men say the whole street was blocked with cars. One man wished he had taken his drone to record an aerial view.

“Different rules for different people, isn’t it.”

“The Irish being discriminated against as usual.”

“At the end of the day the guards are only afraid of being called racist yet it’s the Irish they’re being racist against.”

Fianna Fáil candidate Ammar Ali appears (https://twitter.com/ammaraliDublin8/status/1223368732820545537) to attend this mosque. It is unknown if he was there.