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While promoting his new book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” in the program 60 Minutes, Bill Gates talked at length about his vision to achieve his goal of zero carbon dioxide emission. From allocating $35 billion to research on climate change and going electric, Bill Gates wants you to eat Fake Meat to save the planet

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has suggested drastic changes to the economy according to his vision to safeguard earth from the adverse effects of greenhouse gases.

Expressing his thoughts to Anderson Cooper in a recent interview (watch below), Gates sought changes to prevent the release of carbon dioxide and make it nil to prevent environmental disaster.

The changes suggested by Gates to realize his vision includes:

  • Eliminate the use of fuels by making everything electric
  • Allocate money (at least 35 billion USD per year) on research focusing on climate change and clean energy
  • Widespread consumption of fake meat, since cows account for ‘4% of all greenhouse gases’
  • Retooling cement and steel industries to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions
  • Supplement wind and solar energy by investing in nuclear energy

If you are wondering where you will get Fake Meat from,do not worry.

Bill Gates has invested heavily in a company using fungus to make fake meat, yogurt and sausage.

It is fascinating to note fungus can grow with soil or fertilizer said Gates.

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Bill Gates Wants You To Eat Fake Meat To Save The Planet