Catholic Arena

When a person watches a Premier League game in 2021, the football is often secondary.

What comes first are the pre match preparations which advise them not be racist (from their own homes apparently, since no fans are allowed to games). Then they have to watch the players ‘taking the knee’. Finally they are reminded that they are expected to swear subservience to Black Lives Matter, the American Marxist Terror Group who set fire to numerous Catholic churches. One the game is finished, Sky Sports will immediately update us on how the losing team’s players were subjected to racial abuse. Without intending to minimise this, it is worth pointing out that in many cases these are from the massive overseas following that the Premier League has, rather than English based fans.

These efforts are not a problem if sincere, but increasingly even black players have begun to resent the insincerity of the corporate investment, which seems to be having diminishing returns every time that it occurs.

What also shows up the FA’s insincerity has been there complete indifference to substantial death threat to Catholic footballer James McClean. The Republic of Ireland international, who switched from Northern Ireland when he moved to senior level, has been inundated with threats to kill him and vile abuse for almost a decade now.

In this particular instance, his wife has now gone public and said: ‘‘there isn’t a day that goes by that either one of us don’t receive a message of some sort, whether it be a threat or else telling us to get the f*** out of England’’. She also said: “We’ve been spat on, shouted at, nights out have been ruined by people making remarks towards him’’. “I even remember once someone threatened him saying there were taking a gun with them to a certain match and I can still remember watching that match in absolute fear on the TV.

She also blamed the woke British media for encouraging the anti Catholic abuse that he has received.

“For James it always seems the media (except a select few) shy away from speaking up for him and have always bashed him when he’s done anything,” she added.

“Every single article over the years that’s been written about James (whether good or bad) has always brought the poppy into it. He may have just given to charity, but they always make sure to mention ‘it’s that one who doesn’t wear the poppy’. It was almost 10 years ago. The media can certainly control public opinion.”

In 2018, the FA actually INVESTIGATE McClean after he criticised fans who had sent him death threats for not wearing a poppy. “The FA are investigating me after Saturday’s event – for what, exactly?

“Yet week in, week out for the past seven years, I get constant sectarian abuse, death threats, objects being thrown, chanting which is heard loud and clear every week which my family, wife and kids have to listen to, they turn a blind eye and not a single word or condemnation of any sort.”

McClean said: “Huddersfield away last year while playing (for) West Brom where there was an incident with their fans which was on the game highlights where the cameras clearly caught it, yet the FA when complaint was made to them said there ‘was not enough evidence’.

“If it was a person’s skin colour or if it was anti-Muslim, someone’s gender, there would be an uproar and it would be taken in a completely different way and dealt with in a different manner.

“But like in Neil Lennon’s case in Scotland, because we are Irish Catholics, they turn a blind eye and nothing is ever said and done.”

In another incident, McClean received a letter on the anniversary of the murder of Catholics on Bloody Sunday, stating: “Bloody good laugh, happy anniversary. Enjoy the day, fenian McClean”.

Catholics should stop cooperating with any of the FA’ s faux gestures so long as Catholics are fair game for death threats and potential for violence.

Catholic Arena