Catholic Arena

There are growing calls for Catholics to boycott the ‘Saint Patrick’s Festival’ (which will be held virtually this year) after a series of dark and sinister tweets which seemed so suggest that the event was linked to Critical Race Theory and Woke American politics.

Social media this weekend was repulsed by the gross efforts to conflate Ireland’s Holy Day of Saint Patrick with American style racial politics.

It started with a strange tweet involving an image of an obscure singer, with the caption ‘stand up to racism’.

It did not get the intended reaction it seems, whatever that intended reaction was, as an even stranger tweet was posted shortly afterwards.

This one strangely told people to ‘stand up to racism’. What has this to do with Saint Patrick?

Obviously that more incendiary approach got more of a rise out of people, leading them to double down and post this.

With the party in full swing, they then retweeted controversial Green Party politician Hazel Chu.

What is happening here is that Saint Patrick’s Day is an embarrassment to those who profit from it, so they are trying to alter it and to use it to political ends.

Interestingly, the Saint Patrick’s Festival account tweeted celebrations for Chinese New Year the other day, but made no mention of the prevalence of racism in China, the destruction of churches and the fact that Christians are forced underground. It’s almost like they are not really trying to stop racism.

In some ways, this is a blessing in disguise. For too long, Catholics have allowed the Holy Day to become increasingly commercialised and anti family in how it occurs.

This is a reminder that we need to take back our Holy Day as a means of emphasising the unique history that we have with the Catholic faith.

A group of Catholics have organised an event on Saint Patrick’s Day to counter the gross Woke abuse of the Saint’s feast, takine place at the Garden of Remembrance and processing towards the Dail.

Catholic Arena