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Is there any way a white man can redeem himself in the eyes of liberal cancel culture? Not if not even Seth Brenzel is allowed to volunteer for the San Francisco School Board’s Parent Advisory Council. He may be white, but he is “married” to another gay person and has adopted a mixed-race child. Not good enough:

Commissioner Matt Alexander expressed concern about “creating [a] space that over-represent[s] white parents.”

As for the adopted child being mixed race,

School Board Vice President Alison Collins was offended by the idea that Brenzel could advocate for mixed-race students.

“As a mixed-race person myself, I find it offensive when folks say that somebody is a parent of somebody who is a person of color as like a signifier that they’re qualified to represent that community,” she said.

Any meaningful qualifications Brenzel might have for the position are irrelevant:

The board ultimately moved to table the vote on Brenzel’s appointment until a more diverse group could be appointed to the Parent Advisory Council. It then voted to end the merit-based application process for Lowell High School, which the board assailed as creating “pervasive systemic racism.”

The San Francisco School Board recently made national news by changing the names of 44 schools in order to cancel racially incorrect thought criminals who represent white supremacy, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln.

San Francisco was America once. If liberalism prevails, America will be San Francisco.

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