by Brian Shilhavy

Humans Are Free

The Irish Sentinel has reported that Dr. Keshav Raman Sharma, a respiratory consultant who practiced in Wexford hospital, received one of the experimental COVID mRNA injections on January 5, 2021, and the following Sunday, January 10th, was found dead in his home.

He had just turned 39 years old, and his death was described as “sudden” at his funeral and other places.

Dr. Sharma was from Trinidad, and was the son of the former Chief Justice of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Justice Satnarine Persad Sharma. (Source)

Local news media, while reporting on his death, reportedly did not comment on the fact that he had received one of the mRNA COVID injections, but it was widely being reported on social media that he died shortly after receiving the vaccine. decided to run a “Fact Check” to debunk these claims, but the “Fact Check” only confirmed that he received the vaccine, while repeating the religious belief in vaccines that they cannot cause death, and that therefore, this claim was “debunked.”

MISINFORMATION AROUND THE death of a Wexford General Hospital doctor earlier this month has been circulating online.

A number of posts on Facebook have said that Dr Keshav Sharma died on 11 January after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, insinuating that the two events were linked.

Although it is understood Dr Sharma had received his first dose of the vaccine, his death was unrelated to this.

The cause of death has not been publicly released.

There have so far been no reports of deaths where a Covid-19 vaccine is believed to have been a contributory factor, either in Ireland or anywhere across the European Union.

The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), the regulatory body for medicines in Ireland, confirmed there have been no reports of deaths for which there were concerns about the Covid-19 vaccine. (Source)

So the official word from the “official” Government Health Authority again confirms that there is absolutely no link between all of the deaths being reported throughout Europe from those receiving the experimental COVID mRNA injections, and the injections themselves.

This is, of course, called an “appeal to authority” in logic, and is proof of nothing, and certainly not a scientific statement.

But most of the world’s population continues to believe this, because they believe that these Government Health “Authorities” are protecting the public from the dreaded COVID virus, rather than protecting the pharmaceutical industry that is raking in BILLIONS of dollars with their new COVID vaccine market, which means that they cannot have bad publicity to continue making and distributing these new “vaccines.”

As I mentioned in the article we published yesterdaythis is a religious belief, not science.

Humans Are Free