10th Feb 2021

Ivermectin will become “the standard of care” for the treatment of Covid 19 within the next few months.

Ivermectin will become “the standard of care” for the treatment of Covid 19 within the next few months. That’s the prediction of Dr Pierre Kory, an American medical doctor specialising in intensive care and lung disease.

“We’ve had phenomenal results with early treatment and using it as a prophylactic. People who take ivermectin either don’t get Covid or get it at extremely low rates,” he said.

Dr Kory was speaking on last night’s (Tuesday 9 February 2021) edition of The Healthy Debate – a live-streamed programme produced by The Irish Inquiry in conjunction with Health Freedom Ireland.

He expects the World Health Organisation to make recommendations on the use of ivermectin within the next four to six weeks, following encouraging results from trials conducted by a consultant team from the University of Liverpool.

“They’ve been working around the clock for months. Right now, they have between 2,500 and 3,000 patients in the trial. All of the meta analysis is showing statistically significant reduction in the duration of the virus so viral clearance is reduced, clinical recovery time is reduced and mortality is reduced.”

Dr Kory believed that the WHO will make an announcement after results from about a thousand more cases come through. “At that point we believe that the evidence will be so strong in favour of using ivermectin that WHO will at least be able to make a cautious recommendation.”

He warns that governments must prepare by ordering and stockpiling the drug.
“There’s a precedent for that – governments bought vaccines even before they were proved to be efficacious. My advice to our leaders is take the bold step now and you’ll save lives when this is approved.”

So far, Slovakia is a rare European country to have approved ivermectin for therapeutic use in fighting Covid 19. The drug is widely used in India, in South and Central America and in some African nations.

Dr Kory is not discounting the value of vaccination. “What’s good about ivermectin is that we believe it’s a safety net for vaccination because it’s shown to be a very important preventative. In parts of the world that won’t see a vaccine for a year or two, ivermectin can be used for the moment. We’re going to need multiple tools to control this pandemic.” He points out that ivermectin is “incredibly safe” with a long track record of about 3 billion doses administered.

On the same programme, Dr Shashi Manikappa, who is based India, pointed to the Helsinki Declaration which states that in the absence of recognised interventions, unproved medicines can be used when they are known to cause no harm.
“Sometimes we can’t afford to wait for the results of the randomised double blind trials. We have to use our practical experience as doctors. We are losing lives every day – we can’t afford wait,” he said.

Dr Pat Morrissey pointed out that in Ireland, HIQA – the Health Information and Quality Authority – does not approve of treatment in the community. “That will likely result in regulations or guidelines that will be passed on to GPs in time. I believe our problem is no longer a small virus but large government hiding behind the guidelines”.

Ivermectin is currently unavailable over the counter in Ireland.

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