Identity Dixie

Champion of the working class and multimillionaire Liz Warren has been instructed by her owners to wade into the current stock market controversy. For those who have been fortunate enough to avoid the kerfuffle, the extremely short version is this – hedge fund managers are losing lots of money because normal people aren’t letting said hedge fund managers manipulate stock prices to the detriment of normal people.

Our good friend and stalwart defender Liz recently published a letter she wrote to the chair of the SEC, which is the government appendage that regulates stocks and their trade. In this five page, New Y*rk Times quoting mess, she makes the usual platitudes about working people suffering and how evil billionaires have made money during the economic collapse and pandemic, where normal people have lost their jobs and have suffered. There was no mention of the fact that the normal people all suffered due to her fellow leftists and democrats shutting the economy down over what amounts to the flu.

Once she gets past the boilerplate dogmas noting the suffering that she has caused to the people she pretends to care about, she reminds the SEC’s chair that it is illegal to disseminate “false or misleading information with the aim of manipulating investors into buying or selling securities.” They seemed to need this reminder, given that doing so is a foundational principles of hedge fund management. There’s also a bit of conspiracy theory nuttery that those “anonymous” (used as a pejorative here) people on the internet who manipulated stock prices were actually just those same evil bazillionaires doing a “pump and dump scheme.” In typical y*nkee fashion, she finds the most crude terminology, likely thinking it clever. In typical politician fashion, this baseless accusation is the carefully planned groundwork that is used later in an attempt to harm normal people.

Any mention of the billionaire pirate class is very specific in mentioning “hedge funds” by name. Any time a politician gets specific in that manner, they are helping craft loopholes in future legislation. A change in name, a mild tweak in approach, and they will no longer be the exact specific thing that is now outlawed. Similarly, when a politician demands action against vague, nonspecific groups like “broader social media,” they mean to ensure future legislation/regulations are written in a way that they can be used to crush any threat to the established system.

The mention of “broader social media” is meant to encourage further censorship with an eye on eventually de-anonymizing the internet. The ability of people to say badthink on the internet, without immediate retribution or “accountability” (in modern libspeak), has long been a thorn in the side of our ruling class. In the mind of the micromanaging ruling class, the recent attempt by peasants to foil the ruling class from destroying a company and profiting from its demise just proves their point.

It is interesting to note that Liz’s letter mentions market manipulation and social media, but not corporate media. She doesn’t mention talking heads on television talking down a stock so the price lowers, buying the stock, then talking it up to raise the price and sell at a profit. She doesn’t mention apps like Robinhood stopping people from accessing their own property. This is another instance of what isn’t said being just as important as what is said.

All of this builds up to a warning and a statement so obvious it barely needs mentioning. The warning is that the ruling class has recovered from the initial shock of the Gamestop fiasco and have begun organizing their counter offensive. The obvious statement is that the politicians are not and will not be on the side of normal people. To believe otherwise is naïve to the point of suicidal.

Identity Dixie