The man whose face has become synonymous with covid in Ireland, Dr Tony Holohan has a lot to answer for in the Irish public’s minds and it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the pandemic.

Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer has faced fierce criticism this week, and rightly so, for refusing to directly apologise to all those remarkable women who have been so tragically and devastatingly affected by the cervicalcheck scandal.

Dr Holohan refused to apologise to the women for the scandal when questioned by journalists, given Vicky Phelan currently forced to live in America for cancer treatment and now Lynsey Bennett forced to go to Mexico on Tuesday in an effort to start a new treatment.

Holohan said that the Taoiseach apologised for the State, effectively appearing to say that Micheal Martin’s apology was enough to cover him. It’s not.

The CMO said that he regretted what happened to the women but disgracefully would not apologise.

It’s absolutely and utterly sickening to look at this man’s face knowing what these incredible women are forced to endure as a result of the scandal. To think that he doesn’t even think it worth his while to apologise to this incredible women is not only an insult to them, it’s an insult to the entire nation of Ireland.

One can only deduce that his behaviour is nothing short of disgraceful and he should be absolutely ashamed of himself to front the pandemic’s fight knowing that these women are fighting for their lives and he still won’t apologise.

Shame on you, Tony, you’re an absolute disgrace and you should reconsider your position as Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer.