By Helena Handbasket – February 7th 2021

In yet another piece of blatant BBC propaganda, it seems that a massive 58% of the 33,500 Scots surveyed were delighted at being locked in their homes for months on end and being harassed and arrested for the egregious offence of talking to a neighbour in their garden or sitting on a park bench to take a breather.

Nowhere in this piece of trash pseudo-journalism is there any comment from a member of the public who allegedly took part in the survey or any information linking back to it so that people could actually look at what was asked and what the responses were. One has to wonder if any such survey has taken place at all. This is the BBC after all.

Deputy Chief Constable Will Kerr, apparently one of Scotland’s “top police officers”stated that they’d suddenly acquired “discretion and common sense”,  certainly not an attribute you would associate with any police enforcers anywhere, and that this is what had made “lockdown policing a success”. One must ask the question, a success for whom?

He goes on to state that the enforcement had to be carefully carried out under powers the police force never asked for. I wonder when he’ll hand those powers back? My guess is never.

He then goes on to state,

“We knew the public would be scared. This was totally unprecedented. They would be anxious, they would need reassured. So we tried to get as many police officers as possible out on to the streets as we possibly could to provide visibility and reassurance.”

It would seem that Mr. Kerr’s idea of keeping the public calm safe is to flood the streets with extra baton and taser wielding goons to “reassure”and keep the public “safe” and to ease “anxiety”. Excuse me for pointing out the rather obvious point here, but doing such is only ever likely to lead to a higher level of anxiousness and fear for their own from large numbers of police goons enforcing Stasi type impositions on supposedly free human beings.

It seems that the word Covid-19 has been deliberately omitted from this rag piece of scribbling thus changing the narrative away from the elusive ‘virus’ and making it all about police enforcement powers with no reason given for those powers. Another ‘new abnormal’ is being thrown out there. “Get used to lockdowns and a large police presence wherever you go; this is never going to end.”

Of course, no BBC propaganda piece would be complete without a sell-out ‘people’s advocate’ getting a say to have people believe someone is fighting for them, and in this case we have supposedly an independent review of the survey by Human rights lawyer John Scott QC. Alas, there is no independent thought here. He was paid by the police to review the police. Do you think there might just be a conflict of interest here?

“Human Rights lawyer John Scott QC, who was commissioned by Chief Constable Iain Livingstone to review Police Scotland’s use of the emergency powers, believes the force has struck the right balance. (Between simple harassment and tyranny I suppose)

He said: “Our conclusion is that Police Scotland have been using the powers where it has been proportionate and necessary on the far greater number of occasions.  (58% is hardly convincing and far from being “the far greater number of occasions”)

“There were maybe some teething issues in the early stages but these were extraordinary new powers brought in without an awful lot of scrutiny (You don’t say!) and without much time for training and dissemination and in the early stages of the first lockdown both the police and the public made mistakes.(The public made the mistake of believing they lived in a free democratic country whereas the police made the mistake of ensuring they knew they didn’t) These were good faith mistakes and these were all resolved.”

“Early mistakes included incidents of moving people along after resting on park benches. Mr Scott said it was a case of police officers not understanding the latitude of the guidance and being “a bit too strict” in their actions.”

Nothing to see here; move along.