By Helena Handbasket – February 5th 2021

Firstly, let me make myself clear; there will be no apology for the words below because they are the simple and abundantly clear truth.

The above mentioned in the title of this letter are tyrants simply because they are acting tyrannically. They are not in any way defined in their professional positions working for the health and safety of the general public in any country of the world. They are carrying out offences quite frankly which by any definition are crimes against humanity.


How much more madness do we have to listen to persistently vomiting from your mouths? We have had enough of your rancid tongues and your putrid lips.

How much more absurd does your propaganda have to be for you to realise that the general public are sick of hearing from you and seeing you spew forth persistent lies and fabrications on any media stupid enough to give you a platform, without the slightest evidence or even any understanding for what you’re saying at all?

The public know how idiotic you sound and they know deep down that what spouts from between those putrid lips is garbage; and yet unfortunately there is still a majority who believe you and so you continue to elevate absurdity to levels the dogs in the street can see through.

How much longer do you think you can survive the wrath of the people when that wrath finally comes knocking on your door; because someday it will. The irony is that it will probably come in the form of an Irish Stasi official sent to clean up the trail of witnesses who helped bring about the demise of a once proud nation. You will not be able to sleep at night for fear of your own ‘security’ organisations who will devour you because you have no knowledge of history and what the real state can do to its own when required. To paraphrase The World Economic Forum, “You will own nothing, but you will be happy”. And as you don’t know history, the real organs of the state will ensure that you won’t be granted any happiness or comfort you feel you deserve for serving those masters, and you’ll certainly have nothing; perhaps not even your lives. You will be disposable. Of course, the public may get to you first… Just saying…


If there is one hope in society for the future of the next generations, it is you good police officers who stand with the people and not in riot formation against them. You must act in the best interests of the Irish people and not the above mentioned depraved parasites mentioned above. You must start to think to the future of your own children and grandchildren. You are building the gulag which will be their only future. They have no future without a return to a society which cares for all within that society who simply seek a life lived free and fully in accord with what the majority of people desire,; a life of freedom and a level of prosperity to enable them to enjoy the fruits of their labour. That is not a big dream, it is a possibility for all who desire such a life.

You, even the good among you, are destroying the hopes and dreams of your fellow human beings by ‘obeying orders’ to terrorise your fellow Irish men and women. Again, it seems that you do not have the acquired knowledge of history to allow you to see what is clearly evident with your own eyes. Nuremberg looms on the horizon for those who continue down a patch of perceived legal brutality and criminality. You will not get off lightly. You are committing serious offences in the category for crimes against humanity, as are your masters in the political septic tank known as Dáil Éireann. The senate in ancient Rome had more credibility than you gutter dwellers. And talking of masters, you are servants; we are the masters who pay you salaries only dreamed of by the average Irish worker and it is for us to make demands of you. That time has come to demand your immediate removal from any level of power by those in a position to do so, namely the Irish police (who again are servants of the people) and to put you forward for criminal prosecution, firstly in Ireland and then The Hague. We have no doubt that you will be found guilty and the sentence accordingly brutal.

You cannot sit idly by and allow yourselves to be manipulated into awful crimes by the parasitical class who will use and abuse you to the bitter end to destroy all that is good in Ireland.  They will not come to your rescue as you stand in the Hague dock pleading your case under the false excuse of, “I was only obeying orders”. History had rope for those who tried that not so long ago. The Nazis were an aberration and you are no better if you continue in your current modes of action against human beings who simply want to go about their daily lives unhindered by the threat of violence from those sworn to protect them.

Pseudo-Medical Professionals

 In some ways, you are the most disgusting example of soul selling ever seen in history.  Politicians have always been corrupt liars and there have always been police who would beat a fellow human being to death rather than protect them. But I don’t think there has ever been a time in history when so many supposedly trustworthy medical professionals have stooped to levels of complicity in such a medical fraud as we see in your profession today. You must know many good doctors and other well qualified experts in their field who are disgusted to see their life’s work trashed by you who call yourselves ‘experts’. You are unworthy of the title ‘doctor’ unless it’s used in terms of doctoring data. It is all the use you now are. You care nothing for your patients as they roll up their sleeves and you, in the full knowledge of the severe damage, even death, you are very likely to cause, makes you nothing less than the butchers of Auschwitz and other such torture chambers of history.

You must understand that you are also expendable in the bigger plan you are helping to implement and that you will suffer the same retribution as those above who, in their own way, are committing horrors of such a magnitude that no punishment is too harsh for you.

Mainstream Media

Like politicians, you are nothing more than paid whores riddled with the contagion of lies. The only virus existing in your minds is the one your own twisted minds chose to make up. Your own minds are a virus to you. They are an untreatable disease you have learned to live with. You cannot be cured and you will not be forgiven. The media was once lauded as a bulwark against government tyranny and corruption. You are now simply facilitators and co-conspirators. Your published ‘stories are nothing more than figments of an imagination you are incapable of using. The fairy tales of the past are literary masterpieces compared to the drivel you waste ink printing.

You, who laughingly call yourselves TV ‘news’ broadcasters, are no different. You are overpaid scum, and in many cases, barely literate mouthpieces for the government you serve. You cannot even read without a script. And again, you state operatives at RTE, the public pay those massive salaries you enjoy at their expense; salaries they will never enjoy in a multitude of lifetimes. Sycophants and liars are overly polite words for any of you. You are a cancerous growth on humanity and it needs to be cut out forever.

All of you above should never be allowed to walk the streets of Ireland again, to enjoy the crisp air and beautiful scenery, absorb the rich heritage and culture of a nation now destitute and beaten into submission by all of you who think that you are somehow above the normal Irish person and immune from any form of retribution for your actions.