Identity Dixie

For those of you who know me, you know that Ireland has a very special place in my heart.  It is my mother’s home country.  It is partially my father’s ancestral home, too.  I am, by birth, a dual citizen of the United States and Ireland.  My children were baptized in Ireland.  The vast majority of my cousins still live in two counties in Ireland – one group in the South and the other in the West.  Most years, I visit Ireland about three-to-five times to see family and friends.  I adore Ireland with a passion.

Unfortunately, it seems, the Irish do not adore Ireland.  That has to change – fast!  The South needs a Nationalist Irish people. 

Ireland is destroying itself from within.  In a foolish decision to embrace a combination of neoliberal economic policies centered around consumption economics and cultural Marxist rhetoric, the Irish have embraced a policy to invite one million brown migrants onto an island of less than five million people.  This is demographic suicide.  Irish politicians blithely extol the virtues of multiculturalism, diversity, and an expanded population – ostensibly for a new and better Irish economy.  It is entitled “Project Ireland 2040,” and it is essentially a wish list of every useless academic who has ever graced the hallways of Oxford, Harvard, or Trinity Dublin.  It is codified disaster.

Dear Irish Nation – if diversity is so great, why is homogenous China on the ascendant and the diverse United States falling apart?

Of course, nothing happens in a vacuum.  Ireland has been groomed for its own self-destruction for the better part of the preceding century.   Much of this is due, in no small part, to years of leftist programming of the Irish citizenry courtesy of Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTE: the main television and radio service).  But there is more to the Irish embrace of leftist political positions than Marxist television shows.  In large part, I blame Irish-Americans.

Irish Nationalist movements have long balanced leftist, anti-capitalist rhetoric (i.e., imperialism and colonialism as extensions of capitalist exploitation), National identity (e.g., genuine Sinn Fein), and religion (dominated by Catholicism).  This has given Ireland a unique understanding of revolutionary perception.  The Irish hated their Imperial British oppressors.  But not all Irish revolutionaries took the same blended viewpoint.

For some Irish revolutionaries, such as James Connolly, the blend meant a unified, global sympathy for other peoples oppressed by occupiers.  To Connolly, Indians and Palestinians were equal victims of British exploitation.  That sympathy dovetailed with global socialist rhetoric – which Connolly embraced: the working class were seen as oppressed; exploitative capitalist overseers were seen as “oppressors.” Revolution required a united front irrespective of racial lines. 

Men like Sean Hogan, Tom Barry, Ernie O’Malley, Daniel Breen and Padraig Pearse did not seem to get sucked into socioeconomic arguments or globalized racial rhetoric as it related to Irish Freedom.  They seemed to care less about uniting with other oppressed peoples.  To put it bluntly, they just wanted to kill as many Englishmen as they could in a race to win independence.  The general consensus of most of Ireland’s freedom fighters of the day was that Ireland, as a fellow European (read “White”) country, had a right to self-determination.  Eamon de Valera attempted unsuccessfully to get President Woodrow Wilson to see that point of view, while Wilson was arguing for other European nationalist movements in the aftermath of World War I. 

Unfortunately, the Cold War and the Troubles brought a leftist trajectory to Ireland.  Still poisoned by years of anti-English animosity and the continued occupation of six counties in the North, the Soviet Union saw an opportunity that the Germans exploited only decades earlier.  They opened another political and military front on the United Kingdom’s back doorstep. 

The Marxist inspired, cultural revolution of the 1960s did not hit the Irish the same way it hit other areas of the United States and Europe.  Catholicism still played a strong, defining role in Irish society.  Thus, while other Western women could not have sex with enough men fast enough, Irish society stayed largely, culturally grounded.  But the narrative of oppressor and oppressed returned to the conversation, with imagery of fellow Irish citizens marginalized and eventually killed on national television just North of the border.  Marxist messengers pounced – and unlike the empty, Marxism of modern globalist movements around the world – the Marxist messaging of 1960s and 70s Ireland was intertwined with Nationalism… but the anticolonial kind. 

Divorced generationally from Ireland, many Irish-Americans who, in the same time frame, were blue collar, left-of-economic-center, union employees, bought into the same Marxist narrative.  Ironically, these same Irish-Americans hated communism, homosexuals, and abortion.  But they espoused socialist ideals and sent monetary and material support to the Provisional Irish Republican Army – a Marxist insurgent movement.  They helped build modern Sinn Fein. 

What Irish-Americans were incapable of seeing through their myopic hatred for the British was that the Soviets were building an enduring Marxist Irish movement – one that has now manifested itself in a modern, duplicitous, anti-Irish political party:  the same Sinn Fein they love.  Sinn Fein today is a grotesque betrayal of its Nationalist roots.  Irish-Catholicism as a cultural identity is more than just an ethnic determination.  It was the foundation upon which Irish Nationalism and independence was grounded.  Although I am no longer Catholic for theological reasons (I cannot accept this Pope), I will always remain “Irish-Catholic” genetically. 

Sinn Fein is now inviting a new breed of vicious brown invaders into Ireland and has further embraced culturally corrosive, degeneracy – from abortion to gay marriage to transgenderism… and so forth.  In other words, Sinn Fein is not only embracing demographic suicide for Ireland, they are encouraging demonic souls to dance on the ashes of Eire.  Unfortunately for the Irish people, Sinn Fein was seen as the Nationalist party, while Fianna Fail and Fine Gail were the squishy, moderate Europhiles.  This means that the three largest political parties in Ireland represent political positions that are clearly antagonistic to the Irish Nation. 

However, this is where all of this comes full circle and back to the American South.

The reason that Irish-Americans could not see past their anger at the British was because they saw images on television of British soldiers killing Irish kin.  They saw war between their distant relations and those whom they perceived as occupiers.  The Irish-American relationship with Irish Identity, often derided in Ireland by the Irish themselves, plays a large role in their political and social decision making.  When they see the Irish harmed, it infuriates Irish Americans. 

Let me put this another way:  while many of my Irish cousins were dancing to techno music in the 1990s at nightclubs, my Irish-American colleagues and I were singing a “Nation Once Again” and “The Fields of Athenry” in pubs that had “26+6=1” prominently displayed behind the bar.  Being Irish is crucial to Irish-Americans.  Although it might seem trite to the Irish, it is hard to ignore an army of more than forty-five million Irish-Americans who love everything Irish. 

Recently, Ireland has been experiencing a series of brutal murders, rapes, and violent criminality at the hands of brown invaders.  This is getting play in the United States.  Irish-Americans from Boston to Austin… Chicago to New York… Charlotte to San Francisco have seen the images and videos of Irish citizens attacked by mobs of brown skinned animals in Ireland.  The images are horrifying.  Whereas American have dealt with violent black criminality for years – and have somewhat gotten used to it – this is entirely new for Ireland. 

Make no mistake about it – whether it is true or not – Ireland is seen as a blessed and highly idealized homeland in the minds and hearts of many Irish-Americans.  Attack Ireland, you attack them.  More importantly, you infuriate them. 

The United States has 330 million people, of whom less than 3% of the population (black males between the ages of 18 and 34) account for more than 54% of the murders.  Ireland has about 4.5 million people and they seek to invite blacks to account for nearly 25% of their population over the next two decades.  The effects of the policy are playing out in real time = as young Irish boys are left unconscious in parks, Irish women are stabbed in the leg, and Irish children are sold into Southwest Asian sexual slavery – thanks to Sinn Fein, Fianna Fail, and Fine Gael.

However, inundated with cultural Marxist rhetoric for two generations, Irish-Americans also have a “black” and immigration problem.  For years, Irish-Americans have been at the forefront of deleterious, pro-immigration policies in the United States.  They will say things like, “But we were immigrants, too…”  What they fail to recognize is that the immigrants of today are not like those of yesteryear.  Our Irish immigrant forebearers sought acceptance and consequently assimilated into a functioning Anglo-Protestant America.  We did not seek to fundamentally change the United States to fit Ireland.  That is not true of modern immigrants who seek to kill working Western norms.  Today’s immigrants see the United States as something to be sucked dry – like the shitholes from which they derive.

Many Irish-Americans also like to share similarities with blacks.  They speak of music and athletics as the means of ascension.  They talk about the political similarities of Irish political bosses and modern black political fiefdoms.  What they fail to grasp is the following: the Irish did not make excuses for violent crackheads who were justifiably killed by police officers during the commission of a crime

No, Irish-American, Pakistani and black sycophants are NOT like you, your people, or your origins!

Still, all of these “sympathies” have led to a large segment of the Irish-American population (and even some Irish) holding antagonistic viewpoints toward the South.  The South always knew what blacks were and used the necessary means to ensure they stayed compliant.  The South always knew that Mexican invaders do not share the same values as Heritage Americans – and voted to ensure they stayed out.  Unrealistic Irish-Americans who live in largely White, Irish-American enclaves and suburbs seemed incapable of seeing the wisdom of Southern ways.  But proximity breeds familiarity – and often contempt. 

Southern Whites live in states that are already 25 – 30% black.  We know who they are.  Southern Whites live on the Mexican border.  We know who they are, too.  Irish-Americans in Boston or Chicago do not reside in black or Mexican enclaves unless they are very unlucky. 

One of my cousins from Ireland captured the essence of this concept.  He went to New York to live in an almost all Irish section of Yonkers.  Yonkers is seemingly half Irish immigrant and half black.  As he describes it, when he went to New York he held no ill-will toward blacks and felt that Americans – especially Southerners – had mistreated them.  He returned to Ireland with a seething hatred for all blacks.  His language would make a Klansman blush (should the Klan even exist anymore).

All of this said, that which Ireland is enduring may finally help awaken Irish-Americans to that which is really happening in the United States – and elsewhere.  Invite violent brown locusts into your country, reap violent brown locust rewards.  Since many leftwing Irish-Americans seem oblivious to the disastrous demographic policies they embrace, perhaps watching events unfold in Ireland may finally get them to wake up in an emotional way that, heretofore, watching their own daughters raped and sons murdered has not. 

All of this said, that which Ireland is enduring may finally help awaken Irish-Americans to that which is really happening in the United States – and elsewhere.  Invite violent brown locusts into your country, reap violent brown locust rewards.  Since many leftwing Irish-Americans seem oblivious to the disastrous demographic policies they embrace, perhaps watching events unfold in Ireland may finally get them to wake up in an emotional way that, heretofore, watching their own daughters raped and sons murdered has not. 

It may finally also get them to understand that the South had cause to retain defensive racial policies and social order.  The collapse of that order has led to disastrous results for all facets of society.  The South was simply right, and modern Ireland is living proof of that reality.  It would behoove Irish-Americans to awaken to racial realities that play out through political consequences.  In essence, modern Ireland has become a Gaelic spotlight on Southern political, cultural, and racial realities.

I also pray one more result emerges from the wanton violence initiated at the hands of Irelands latest invaders: I pray it reignites Nationalist passions within the Irish people.  Perhaps more Irish will realize that a fourth political party is better suited to their interests and preservation.  Hopefully, some of those Irish-Americans who still love Ireland will consider supporting such a party, too, instead of misplaced loyalties to the traitorous Sinn Fein…

And in the process of this awakening, support the South’s desire to be left alone to reinstitute the order it knows how best to install. 

Identity Dixie