Catholic Arena

The past year has seen the Irish far left and Black Lives Matter organise large scale events regularly with tacit support from both the Irish media and from the Gardai.

In the past month, Irish newspapers have published pictures of large groups lifting balloons for young men who had been killed in Dublin. We don’t begrudge them and their families that opportunity, but we do begrudge journalists and Gardai their double standards, with one journalist writing an article on a whole extra 5 people showing up to a Latin Mass funeral in Dublin.

The same journalist class also conspired in a very sinister way to hide the news that Simon Coveney had travelled to Turkey to kiss Erdogan’s backside this past week for 3 days. Not a single Irish news outlet, apart from Catholic Arena, covered the story.

Yet when 30 people gathered in Faughart, Co. Louth yesterday for the Feast of St. Brigid, it is said that Gardai arrested 3 people. We weren’t there so we cannot comment on the details of that, but we are told that it is because they would not provide their names and addresses. This was lauded by some of the very same journalists who refused to cover the Coveney scandal this past week. And the arrests were made by the very same Gardai who have been turning a blind eye to the far left and to Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

The same selective application of the laws was reported at the recent vigil outside anti Catholic RTE also.

Gardai are entitled to do their job. But they are not entitled to do it selectively, neither are journalists nor politicians.

With Mass shut, when it is not shut to the same extent anywhere else, we have to wonder what anti Catholic politicians, scientists and even policing figures are really thinking as they impose these laws. Their selective enforcement of these laws only serves to damage their credibility in the eyes of the public.

By all accounts, the gathering in Faughart was smaller than the Black Lives Matter ones, two of which occurred recently in nearby Dundalk and Drogheda without Gardai intervention. In fact, at the one in Drogheda, Gardai stood there and took verbal abuse from the Black Lives Matter supporters outside the Garda station after escorting the protest down the street (which appears to have at least the same amount as the 30 reported in Faughart).

The current lockdown will pass, but the damage being done to public trust in Gardai, politicians and journalists by virtue of this selective behavior will not.

Catholic Arena