The system of centralized totalitarian control over the population is crumbling before our eyes, and one elitist has already warned that should Wallstreetbets continue, they could take down that whole system.

The “heavy hitters” (the billionaires, trillionaires, and rulers of the globe) in traditional finance have been concerned about the recent stock market action fueled by Redditors. The elitists are playing defense while the public finally gets off its knees and proves what a scam and slavery system this rigged monetary scheme propped up by government is.

This week a Goldman Sachs executive warned that if these short squeezes continue it could “snowball through the market.” Moreover, Interactive Brokers founder Thomas Peterffy made similar comments this week saying these types of systemic risk can “take down the entire system, theoretically.”

Estimates assume that short-sellers have lost “$70.87 billion from their short positions,” according to statistics from the financial data analytics firm Ortex.

An analysis from Zerohedge discloses that Melvin Capital lost a whopping $7 billion during the first month of 2021. “Melvin Capital lost 53% in January, as Gabe Plotkin (a former SAC Portfolio Manager), lost over $5.3 billion in one month,” the report noted. –

The financial newsdesk has also been reporting on another WSB (Wallstreetbets) trend taking place during the last week as short squeezers want to squeeze the silver market. One thread on r/wallstreetbets suggested that the power of the masses could squeeze the price of silver from $25 to $1,000.

The power of the masses is often disregarded, but the tyrants will soon realize people are waking up to the evils of government and central banking.

“In the 24 hours proceeding Friday market close, SD Bullion sold nearly 10x the number of silver ounces that we normally would sell in an entire weekend leading to Sunday market open,” the finance reporter disclosed. “In a normal market, we normally can find at least one supplier/source willing to sell some ounces over the weekend if we exceed our long position (the number of ounces we predict we will sell over the weekend).”

Have people finally realized that it’s us vs. them? It’s the masters vs. slaves.  The ruling class vs. the peasants? Here’s hoping!

Government is slavery. Taxation is theft. Central banking is a scam. COVID-19 is a hoax. Democracy is mob rule. Voting doesn’t matter.

Have you figured it out yet?

The solution is to take down this oppressive slave system and live freely and voluntarily with each other. We do not need rulers and masters. Remember no one has any right to rule you no matter how many others voted for it.  This is why voting does not and will never matter when a new king is chosen. No masters and no slaves. Abolish the last two forms of slavery for good: government and centralized banking. It’s up to us.