The great country of Poland is banning abortions for every case except rape, incest, and the heath of the mother:

DAILY MAIL – Poland will today implement a near-total ban on abortion following a ruling on the matter three months ago.

‘The ruling will be published today in the Journal of Laws,’ the government information centre said on Twitter.

Under the new legislation, abortions are only permitted in cases of rape and incest, and when the mother’s life or health is endangered.

The announcement is expected to spark major protests.

In October, the Constitutional Court said terminating pregnancies due to foetal defects should be illegal, ruling against the main exception for legal abortions in the largely Roman Catholic country.

Conservative values have taken a more prominent role in public life since the nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party took power in 2015.

Access to abortion has declined even without the legislative curbs as some doctors refuse to perform the procedure on religious grounds.

Poland is turning out to be one of the brightest lights for Christ in this dark and evil world. And I am so proud they are Catholic.

Of course I’d rather that their new legislation didn’t allow for rape or incest exceptions at all, but given the option I’d gladly take that over what we have now in America which is abortion on demand, with young women murdering nearly a million babies in the womb every year. I think the last known tally of abortions was in 2017 of around 862,000.

According to the Daily Mail, Poland already has fewer than 2,000 legal abortions every year before this new legislation. Hopefully that number falls even more dramatically.

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