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In a bizarre and sinister article, controversial Irish State Broadcaster RTE has published a comically subversive article aimed at insulting the people who pay their wages.

Entitled ‘Why having a mix of ‘male’ and ‘female’ brains can be a big win’, the article proceeds to mock ordinary people, in a piece of writing put together either by people who have never lived a day in the real world outside of academia, or else by people deliberately trying to insult the public at large.

3 of the authors of this piece were from an English University, while one was interestingly from a Chinese University that recently added to its charter the following, apledge to follow the Communist party’s leadership and a synthesis between its ‘research’ and ‘‘Xi Jinping’s Thought’.

It pushed the idea that being ‘androgynous’ was better for one’s mental health, even though the suicide rate of ‘Transgender’ people stands at a far higher rate than any other type of group. It laughably asserts that one experiences less anxiety and depression when ‘androgynous’, despite the fact that higher levels of estrogen in men does create anxiety.

It is quite remarkable that these individuals have presented this work as a collaboration of high end academics, with lines such as:

Men, for example, are not encouraged to express feelings or cry when upset. Instead they are expected to be tough, assertive, rational

These people have devoted to their lives to meaningless PHDs, meaningless academia, only for their highlight to be a 1,000 word collaboration on Ireland’s state broadcaster that could’ve been composed by a 15 year old after an hour spent searching the ‘Gender’ hashtag on TikTok.

Yet, they mock homemakers and mothers by stating:

Women who try to conform pay a price too, perhaps opting out of their dream job because the industry is dominated by men or taking on the majority of tedious household chores.

It reminds us of GK Chesterton’s old phrase that feminism is mixed up with the muddle idea that women are slaves when they serve their families but free when they serve their employers.

It also offers the bizarre observation that:

men who conform to typical masculine norms, for example never relying on others and exercising power over women, suffered more psychiatric symptoms than others, including depression, loneliness and substance abuse.

If this were true, one wonders why male suicide is at a record high despite masculinity being attacked and eroded more than ever before?

RTE used this image as an example of a ‘macho man’
RTE used this image as an example of a ‘macho man’

A lot of these ideas come from people who themselves have greatly struggled with their identity and hence resent others who are balanced and happy, raising families and being confident and happy in their masculinity of femininity.

The man who popularised the distinction between sex and gender was a pro paedophilia ‘sexologist’ named John Money from New Zealand. Money preyed on an unfortunate child named David Reimer, who had his penis severely injured during a circumcision in Canada. Money exploited his situation for experimental purposes, telling his parents to raise him as a girl and have him fed with hormones. He then forced Reimer and his brother to engage in bizarre sexual roleplay as part of the ‘therapy’ for investigating ‘gender’ after this had occurred, a behaviour that has led many to accuse Money of being a paedophile. Money forced Reimer’s family to pump their child full of estrogen so that he could grow breasts. The poor child was so traumatised that he threatened to kill himself at age 13 if he was forced to see Money again. Reimer at this point had been raised as a girl, but his father finally had the courage to tell his son the truth, who then had operations and treatment to try to reverse what had happened to him. He grew up to get married and to adopt 3 children, but the scars of what Money did to him and his brother were so severe that both committed suicide as adults. Up until his own death, Money continued to lie that this had been a successful course of action, telling lies in in his work that stated that ‘Brenda’ had been a successful ‘transition’.

It is worth mentioning too that as Ireland’s homeless crisis deepens, it was revealed this week that RTE (who regularly insult the Catholics who pay them) were paying some stars up to HALF A MILLION euro for hosting such shows as the Late Late Show.

All paid for, like the referenced useless thoughts on housewives and ‘macho men’, by the very people that they mock.

This cannot last forever.

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