By Helena Handbasket – January 26th 2021

It’s often said that scum always rises to the surface, but in the case of the Irish government the scum has left the surface and is now so arrogant and obnoxiously toxic that it is now threatening the ozone layer with the levels of evil it is willing pursue to fill the agenda of its masters at the World Economic Forum, to name just one arm of the global tyranny being rolled out across the world, particularly in the so-called ‘civilized western world’.

The depths of depravity at the top of Irish politics has never been so blatantly obvious. The levels of corruption and lawlessness of the past pale into insignificance with the sheer enormity of the inhumane crimes now being committed against the Irish people by their (s)elected public ‘servants’ (Ha! Ha!, that joke just keeps getting funnier.)

At no time in history have servants been permitted to lock up their masters on a continuous rolling basis, from one week to the next, from one month to the next, and now it seems from one year to the next. I guess the next logical numerical advance would be from one decade to the next.

The head of this stratospheric scum mass is the deadly duo of Michael ‘Me Hole’ Martin and his bum chum Leo Varadkar.

In the latest statement from Varadkar, who it seems is happy to bend over for any cause, as does Me Hole Martin, regardless of its disastrous effects on the Irish people, has stated that you can now forget seeing dying relatives this year, you can forget Christmas and presumably every other facet of your social interaction with other human beings until at least 2022.

Of course, if that’s allowed to happen, then the cage you’ve allowed to be built around you will be firmly locked up on January 31st 2021 and you’ll never escape from Gulag Ireland which you will have created by your own inaction and compliance with tyrants.

What ever happened to the spirit of those genuine Irish patriots who fought and died to free their country from the tyrannical British Empire and managed to achieve some level of independence, however short term that lasted? Ireland is clearly not independent in any shape or form now and hasn’t been for some time; if it ever was.

There is only one reaction to violence being perpetrated upon you, especially when you are not the aggressor, and that is retaliation of equal or greater proportion in whatever form is necessary to force the enemy to capitulate or to rid yourself of them entirely. (My preferred option.)

You can only bend over so far before your head is buried entirely in the sand and you see nothing.

Ireland, one of many countries under attack under the guise and assault of the Covid pandemic experiment, has now arrived at its own Rubicon. Will the people decide to cross that line to take on the enemy clearly visible before their own eyes or will they allow for their own demise and subjugation under a global tyranny of epic proportions never before witnessed throughout history?

Or will it rise up and cast out the invaders of their minds and bodies, the real treasonous viruses; the politicians, the lying media and medical workers who sell their souls and are no better than the psychopathic and evil Mengele?

These scum need to be brought back to earth and sunk beneath a surface of concrete, barbed wire, floodlights and less than comfortable prison cells, or worse. (Gags, balls and chains would be a bonus; for their own safety of course)

Only ordinary people can ever make this world a better place for future generations. If they don’t stand up together their failure to do so will allow the creation of a dystopian Hell on Earth to conquer humanity.

Time is short but there is still enough of it to stop this in its tracks. All it takes is the will and the numbers to do it. It’s that simple.

Mass civil disobedience is a must.

I don’t advocate violence, however it cannot be ruled out; fire must be met by fire. If the masses disobeyed civilly then they would see how weak the servants really are, and once the real master, the Irish people, attained their right seat at the table, the future would be much better for the many rather than the self-styled ‘privileged’ few.