It is impossible to exaggerate how much Rand Paul took that fraud George Stephanopoulos apart this morning. He exposed Steph’s game, got him to admit there was fraud and abuse in the election, called him out for inserting himself into the story instead of being a journalist, refused to be bent by George’s pathetic attempt to talk down to him, and got little Stephy all steamed up while he was at it.

It’s beautiful. It’s impossible to break down play by play because every second is worth watching. It’s actually globrious.

That “call it a lie” game is so obvious. And George pulling out the “Big Lie” line is so obvious. And the fact that they demand this compliance for exactly the reason Rand Paul says, which is to then prevent looking into this any further, is so obvious. It’s ALL SO OBVIOUS and Paul ain’t havin’ it.

Every Republican should take a class based entirely on this interview. Absolutely stellar.

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