What is going on with Western “democracies” in the age of COVID-19, a virus that does, indeed, cause deaths but not in 99 percent of people who get it?

We’re seeing an extremely disturbing trend among democracies in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere: Creeping authoritarianism leading to extreme measures, and all being justified because of the novel coronavirus.

In the U.S., deep state actors and Democratic legal operatives convinced officials in some states to violate their own voting laws to enact widespread mail-in balloting so that the election could be stolen from President Donald Trump. Mail-in ballots were necessary, you see, to keep voters ‘safe’ from the virus (though tens of millions of Americans voted in person in other states without any problems). take our poll – story continues below

The virus has been used to justify endless lockdowns, restrictions on businesses, travel bans, and the destruction of civil and constitutional liberties including freedom of religion and freedom of speech and expression.

And now, in Australia, another Western democracy, the virus may be used to justify isolating citizens in quarantined captivity in the Outback.