A statewide coronavirus “forced detention” facility is scheduled to open in the former East German city of Dresden. A refugee facility will be repurposed into a Corona jail. Repeat quarantine breakers or resisters will be placed here. There are no indications of any kind of transparency or due process in terms of the incarceration of those who won’t obey. The facility is completely fenced and will be guarded by police.

The building was originally built in 2017 to house some of the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants that were invited by Angela Merkel in 2015.

The Ministry of Social Affairs confirmed that the “accommodation facility is currently being upgraded”. Corona detention threatens repeat offenders, claims the Ministry. Corona detention takes place via a court application by the health department and only after a disregarded “urgent warning” and a non-paid fine, claims the Social Affairs ministry.

In the spring of 2020, Health Minister Petra Köpping fought to place quarantine breakers in psychiatric hospitals. These plans were discarded, as were considerations to force quarantine objectors into hotels or hospitals. These plans were abandoned because hotels were not considered secure enough and hospitals were too overloaded.

Infection Disease Protection Act (IfSG)

Forced admission to coronavirus jails is made possible through Germany’s controversial Infection Disease Protection Act (IfSG). Amendments made to the IfSG during what may be a false flag of coronavirus have stripped citizens of basic civil liberties and given Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government dictatorial powers.

As previously reported at RAIR Foundation USA, under the IfSG, the state announced a multitude of measures such as; confiscating children and placing them in ‘forced Isolation coronavirus facilities, compulsory coronavirus vaccinations, to mandating masks, imposing curfews, limits on gatherings and closing businesses.

Thousands of citizens protested against the changes in the law and the state’s coronavirus policies, many of which are directly in opposition to the German constitution. The protest made international news after German police deployed water cannons on the defenseless and peaceful protesters. Police also arrested more than 100 people. The protests have fallen on deaf ears while the policies grow harsher and more paralyzing.

Watch the following video for more information about Germany’s “Infection Protection Law:”

Many States Planning Coronavirus Jails

Other federal states are already planning detentions for people who refuse to take the states mandatory measures. In Baden-Württemberg, holding places are currently being created in two clinics for those who refuse to be quarantined. These holding areas would be permanently monitored by a security service, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Stuttgart. It is not a punitive measure they claim, but a measure of “infection protection”.

The German state, Schleswig-Holstein, also wants to detain quarantine breakers. “Accommodations” are being planned on the grounds of a youth detention center. Prison officers from the detention center will also be assigned to watching  the disobedient quarantine violators. The district council, announced the site could be ready for use in the second half of January, but no later than the beginning of February.

Bavaria’s Ministry of Health has announced that it is usually possible to persuade citizens to give in by pointing out “forced isolations and fines”.

As reported previously at RAIR, “on February 12, 2020, became the first federal state in Germany to appoint a commissioner to monitor “hate speech” on the internet. The unelected “Hate Speech Officer”, takes action against thought crimes on the Internet – including armed raids in his bullet proof vest. Those who challenge Merkel’s government’s coronavirus response and lockdown measure are considered thought crime offenders and are already able to be placed under arrest.

German citizens have been particularly brutalized during the coronavirus pandemic, despite the extremely low mortality rate. See a list below of the RAIR articles addressing coronavirus tyranny in Germany. Is Merkel using the virus to prepare the ground for a totalitarian dictatorship?