Ireland needs 4 million migrants says Central Statistics Office due to the recent fertility drop off rate in the Irish population.
In what can only be described as an astonishing statement by the Irish Central Statistics Office, The Liberal understands that a statistician within the CSO said that Ireland’s aging population will continue to increase and that it will have a serious impact on the numbers of retired vs working people in the country.

It’s understood that there’s now a real issue with pensions in the future for people who’ve worked all their lives and contributed to their pension via tax.

Ireland requires around a 5 to 1 ratio of working vs retired people with every day now a balancing act to keep that ratio going. The Liberal understands that the CSO recommends Ireland needs 4 million migrants imported into the country to keep such a ratio in line.

RTE recently broadcast a programme from Japan related to depopulation and older citizens. The inference was made that Japan is facing a declining population and older population that need care. Japan’s population is declining however they had a huge population increase and a decline would be natural in a Cultures ebb and flow. When a Japanese company needs worker migrants, the employer must fund the migrants Japanese language course for one year. Japan have strict immigration controls and had only started accepting their first two healthcare migrants in 2019

Ireland needs 4-million migrants, claims Central Statistics Office due to recent fertility drop in Irish population