Catholic Arena

In deliberately provocative echoes of Spain’s brutal anti Catholic past, the City Council of Aguilar de la Frontera in Córdoba has sent thugs to cut down public crosses at the Monastery of San José and San Roque.

Now under public property, Spain’s Socialist government has inspired local authorities across the country to attack places that remind them of their Catholic heritage.

The Socialist government are determined to mock Catholics and to undermine their faith, under the guise of political revisionism. This has been seen with the exhumation of General Franco and the efforts to shut down the Valley of the Fallen.

Users on social media today expressed their dismay as the aggressive and disrespectful nature of the Cross removal, which they see as petty and intended to offend.

The Mayor Carmen Flores tried to claim that this removal was necessary as it was a memorial to those who had died during the Spanish Civil War, a claim not accepted by locals who felt that it should not be dumped in a truck as it was considering that it is a public symbol.

The Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers has claimed that this act was illegal, signalling their intention to challenge it for not following plenary protocols.

Spain, like Italy, is facing an uphill battle against a Socialist government who are not only trying to erode the past by removing its history, but also its future by enabling human traffickers in large numbers, particularly in the Canary Islands.

These are perilous times for the faith in Europe, let not those who have hatred for the church be met with our indifference.

For anyone who does not know, Spain’s ‘anti Fascists’ in the Spanish Civil War were known for raping nuns, killing priests and even digging up the dead bodies of religious people and putting them on display to be mocked. They also desecrated churches and public symbols of faith. This is what many believe the Socialists are trying to emulate.