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In a piece that would have made Pravda blush, a British newspaper operating an Irish branch has blamed Catholics at the SSPX church in Dublin for being behind the fact that the incompetent Irish government have presided over the WORST Coronavirus case numbers in the WORLD.

The Irish edition of theLondon Timestargeted the Society of Saint Pius X with a dark piece that has the gall to link an extra five people in attendance at a funeral before Christmas to the spike in cases. It also cites Communion on the tongue and the lack of a one way system as one of their reasons for linking this person’s death and the five extra people who wished to mourn them to as many as 8,000 cases per day.

The ‘journalist’ implies that these five extra people who wished to mourn a dead loved one, are more of note than other glaring factors. Those include the fact that tens of thousands of people arrived home from abroad during the Christmas period and did not have to isolate, the fact that those same people then mixed with tens of thousands of others at Christmas parties and nights out as many bars and pubs opened under the guise serving food and lastly of course the fact that politicians like Alan Kelly of the Labour party were cruising public transport without masks

Many Irish media outlets also staunchly defended Taoiseach Leo Varadkar after he was photographed topless alongside a small group of adoring young males during the height of the pandemic in May. Evidently, his few Bacardi Breezers were deemed more essential than common folk mourning a loved one.

As for the author Brian Mahon, sometimes we criticise these journalists and perhaps maybe even go on the attack. But if a man sees 5 extra people mourning a loved one and chooses to try to publicly shame them, what is there to be said? It is a very very sad state to arrive at in life, especially as his fellow journalists celebrate huge Black Lives Matter Demonstrations and huge numbers at the funeral of Geoerge Nkencho in the same week.

Besides that, not a single Covid case has been linked to Mass or to churches. But, they already know that of course.

Ireland now has the WORST Coronavirus case numbers in the WORLD. Although churches have been shut or limited for almost a full year, some people who haven’t the guts to speak up about politicians are trying to cash in on anti Catholic feeling.

Sad, petty and nasty stuff. Future generations will wonder how such a cruel piece of filth and loathing could be published.

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