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In an interview with pro oligarch ‘comedian’ Trevor Noah, former United States President Barack Obama, who destabilised Libya and caused the migrant crisis, has expressed anger and derision towards the people of Hungary for becoming a country that does not imitate the United States.

In a sycophantic interview, through which Noah frequently giggles and nods his approval, Obama dismissed ‘strong man’ politicians such as Rodrigo Duterte and Viktor Orban, stating that they were a leftover of the type of politics that had elected President Donald Trump.

The interview was a reminder of Obama’s chaotic 8 years as President, which included violent campaigns in Libya and Syria as well as the rise of ISIS. Obama referred to Orban as being ‘undemocratic’, while touting the ‘democratic values’ of South Africa, by way of comparison.

The interview caused controversy in Hungary, with Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó responding:

it almost seems as if the one making such claims is implying that the Hungarian people are incapable of making effective decisions about their own future

He also expressed his fears regarding the gung ho characters who will be part of the incoming administration, in particular with their imposing attitudes towards traditional nations:

I hope the next, Democratic administration will not bring the two countries’ political relations back to where the previous one had. I negotiated at the U.S. State Department in 2014, and in 2018. It was not the same mood

In his pre election statements, Biden hinted that he had Orban in his crosshairs, in no small part probably due to comments such as this from the Hungarian leader:

We root for Donald Trump’s victory, because we know well American Democratic governments’ diplomacy, built on moral imperialism. We have been forced to sample it before, we did not like it, we do not want seconds,”

Biden has also signed up William Burns as his CIA appointment, with Burns being one of many appointees who have a long record of being openly opposed to Orban.

Meanwhile, in a frightening development, Obama’s former associate Samantha Power has been recruited for the incoming administration. The architect of the slaughter of Colonel Gaddafi and the resulting migrant crisis in Europe, few people have caused as much damage to the peoples of North African and Europe in modern times as her, in fact it is fair to say that she is the single most desctructive force that either region has seen since the fall of the Berlin Wall. She is a committed anti Orban activist, regularly using her public profile to appear to plant the seeds for a coming colour revolution in Hungary:

Not only has Power sent threatening tweets in the direction of Hungary, she has also directed them towards Poland, with the same rhetoric that she used to kill Gaddafi and to flood the Mediterranean with drowning migrants:

After Biden’s election, some accused Catholic Arena of hyperbole for suggesting that a colour revolution was in the works for both countries, with protests for abortion being arranged in Poland from outside. We predicted that the incoming administration would consider doing to Poland and Hungary what they did to Libya.

An article in Politico this week has advocated for just that, encouraging Biden to intervene in these nations. In a menacing and threatening piece, they openly advocate for the new President to make an example of Poland and Hungary and anyone who does not accept the Dictatorship of Relativism:

One big reason is that Hungary and Poland have lit a dangerously attractive path for others in Europe. In recent years, political leaders in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy and elsewhere have all flirted with Orbanism and the Hungarian’s model of, what its leader proudly calls, “illiberal democracy.” For the U.S., sending a clear sign now will demonstrate to any would-be backsliders that the U.S. is more serious about democracy policy than it has been in the recent past, and that their choices will have real consequences. It could also help revive the spirits of pro-democracy activists in Hungary, Poland and elsewhere who have been wearied by their governments’ persistent curtailment of their rights.

Europe is now separated by a pink curtain where once there was one made of iron. To the West, one finds low birth rates, transgender ideology and nihilism. To the East, one finds family, marriage and faith.

Nobody is getting decapitated at Mass in Krakow, nobody is worried about churches being set on fire in Budapest. The more that Hungary and Poland keep their sanity, and peace, the more foolish the worst excesses of the Modern West become.

George Soros has written numerous articles decrying Viktor Orban, calling him an ‘enemy’ of his own state. Couple this with Power’s rhetoric and Biden’s too and the stage is set for artificial protests and pressure designed to bring these leaders down. Soros, lest we forget, has purchased some of the newspapers and radio stations in the region in order to increase his influence.

When Pope St. Pius X died in 1914 on the eve of World War I, it was said that he had a depression come over him thinking about European countries go to war with one another.

Some Americans had that feeling last week with events on Capitol Hill, perhaps akin to the feelings that they had 20 years ago on 9/11. The despair of helplessness. They must understand that that is how many Europeans justifiably feel now when they hear this rhetoric from their incoming President. Poland and Hungary are two of the last recongnisably Christian countries in Europe, yet that could be about to change. The protests in Poland this summer, orchestrated by Soros and international abortion organisations, saw churches burned and smashed while statues were defaced.

The best that we can hope for is that there is a Renaissance of European Christian political leaders who can form a bloc to resist this influence. As we know from their actions in Libya and Syria, when Obama, Power and Biden get their hands on the wheel, nobody is safe.

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