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Ireland has a new generation of edgy comedians, so edgy that only a symbiotic relationship with the Irish State can sustain them.

It started firstly with Full Time Mad B*stard Blindboy and his outrageous Rubberbandits, so outrageous that the State Broadcaster was left with no option but to pay them money to broadcast their outrageousness. These absolute madmen pushed the envelope like it had never been pushed before, even accepting their Irish Film and Television Award from ‘The Moon’ in a groundbreaking and mind bogglingly radical reception video.

The group have been so counter cultural, so antithetic to the modern Irish elite, that only dozens of appearances on the Late Late Show on State TV could contain them, with the State TV’s Youtube channel regularly uploading such provocative video clips from the show such as ‘Young men in Ireland need feminism’ and ‘How Ireland can change the world’.

Blindboy has even been so far out and edgy that the state have organised events just to share a platform with his absolutely savage agenda, where he breaks the mould by talking about the need to look after your mental health.

Unprecedented. Dangerous. Uncompromising.

Another WOKE AF source of satirical rebellion are the Waterford Whispers News team. So rebellious are WWN that they went against the grain and wrote such madman satirical articles as ‘Local woman would rather give birth out of a**ehole than ever have to look at Trump again’ and ‘World tests negative for sympathy (for Trump’)’.

Waterford Whispers edgy credentials were confirmed on New Year’s Eve when State TV contacted them and asked them to broadcast a piece mocking Catholics. In a station where the Director General is paid more than the President of the United States while 3,000 children are homeless on the streets, WWN did the edgy thing and accepted the job to insult the majority of the very people who pay the State TV’s €200 million a year bill or face jail. To add to the edgy credentials, they got a news reader for the segment who earned a handy €16,000 of said money per year when he served as a ‘Director’.

WWN have even doubled down on this since, doing their level best to hide from the government’s awful Covid 19 management by trying to somehow blame the church for the State’s failures in running Mother and Baby Homes almost a century ago after statistics were leaked conveniently at the same time that the government faced news that they were doing the worst job of anywhere in the world on the pandemic.

So budding comedians out there, remember the simple principles of comedy that have served all of the greats, from Eddie Murphy to Bill Hicks to Ricky Gervais.

LOVE your government.

Get PAID by the State.

INSULT the people who pay you to appear on their tv.

And above all else, make sure you aim your insults at these people after you’ve sat on your backside over the Christmas period while they were feeding the homeless that you couldn’t be bothered helping.

Catholic Arena