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Friday night amid the far-left and Big Tech-led purging of anyone opposed to their Orwellian future, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson guided viewers through what he called a night unlike anything “in my lifetime” that “we’re going to look back on” as Big Tech carried out “an unprecedented crackdown” on our “most basic civil liberties.” Among such purges? Twitter’s permanent banning of President Donald Trump and his campaign.

Carlson began by stating that “[t]he crackdown on America’s civil liberties…is here now and it’s unprecedented and it will have consequences” and “unintended” ones at that as this widespread censorship and forced social isolation (on top of COVID restrictions) “will cause extremism.”

On the Trump ban, Carlson pointed out that Big Tech has “silenced him” after the fact that Trump has “called for” such companies to be broken up. This, Carlson noted, was a way for Big Tech and the Democratic Party to show the public that “they’re in control now” and that their “assault on speech” will gain speed.

The Intercept founder Glenn Greenwald joined Carlson and declared this “the initiation of a new war on terror” because the Biden administration will “further criminalize domestic terrorism” by expanding it to include Trump supporters writ large and “increase their power to monitor political groups, to infiltrate them, to criminalize activities that currently are not criminalized, nor should they be.”

“A tiny handful of tech oligarchs are more powerful than any nation state. They determine what we can hear, what we can speak, what is true, and what is false, with zero accountability and zero transparency. They overwhelmingly donated to the Democratic Party and support the Democratic Party,” he added.

Before an interview with Parler chief policy officer Amy Peikoff, Carlson pointed out the double standards on Twitter with regard to Chinese and Iranian government accounts as Big Tech also spent Friday working to choke and kill off Parler.

Carlson spoke in the third segment with former Boris Johnson aide Craig Dillon and made this observation about the importance of social media for social cohesion:

So, in this country, and I’m sure it’s similar to the U.K., these platforms are our public square. This is how people sort out their political differences, how they learn about politics, and many other things. So when you shut these down, you are isolating people. It seems to me, you are insuring the rise of real extremism in this country. I mean, it’s obvious. Censorship makes people paranoid and crazy and frustrated and angry and sometimes violent. They must know that.

The FNC added that what’s being carried out is “an attack on people and they feel under siege,” creating a situation where they’re “turning up the temperature too high.”

And in a crazy turn of events, Carlson was in the midst of reading Trump’s statement from the @POTUS account about the suspension of @realdDonaldTrump when “Twitter took that down as we read it. Listen, never been a night like this in my lifetime.”

At another point in the show, Carlson made clear that these censorship fears weren’t being manufactured for TV ratings: “So your civil rights are disappearing. Again, that’s not cable news hype. It’s actually happening.”

Closing out the show, Carlson summed it all up, speaking in terms of both the present and what’s to come as a result of Big Tech’s Friday night actions:

It’s been an amazing day. Just in the past hour, we have seen — and we’re going to say it again — an unprecedented crackdown on the most basic civil liberties we’ve enjoyed for 200 years in this country and the first — it’s in the First Amendment — is the freedom of speech. They’ve pushed us into our own isolated little worlds out of COVID restrictions, made us more dependent on social media to communicate with each other and then cracked down on our use of social media. Can’t end well.

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