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Over the course of the final week of December 2020, parts of Ireland exploded into black mob violence. Primarily African migrants, openly welcomed into Ireland by a country composed of a leftist citizenry, descended upon unsuspecting Irish citizens viciously assaulting, robbing, and sexually assaulting them while police officers (Gardaí) stood by and did next to nothing about it. The same Irish police force that had no problem using batons in October on old Irishmen infuriated by Covid lockdowns, chose to stand meekly by as African animals rampaged through the streets of Dublin and elsewhere. 

The impetus of this sudden rage? The death of George Nkencho, a 27-year-old Nigerian immigrant who had just robbed a store, attempted to kill a man with a large knife (severely disfiguring the man’s face in the process), broke into a home, and then swung his knife at the officer who eventually killed him. As is typical, the violent thug – whether he be Michael Brown or George Floyd – is being lionized by the leftist press and the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization. 

That which Ireland is experiencing now is an all too familiar story in the United States: violent hoodlum does something to solicit his execution at the hands of White law enforcement; the press lies about the facts; BLM inspires and organizes violence; ultimately, laws are changed to placate creatures who are incapable of functioning within the boundaries of polite, Western society… Repeat.

But, Ireland is an odd choice and thus proves that none of this is about justice.  All of this is, ostensibly, (and I know this next term is squeamish for some) a “race war” designed by leftwing extremists who seek to eradicate a racial group that does not embrace their set of political and economic values.  All Whites must be eliminated regardless of where they are found – to include their home countries.

If you think I am wrong, let’s explore the Irish BLM violence more substantively. 

Let’s concede a couple of BLM talking points for arguments sake – positions I do not hold, but BLM does. Let us say England and France deserve their Black lives Matter movement because they once had exploitative empires in Africa. Let us also say that the United States deserves its Black Lives Matter movement because it once had slavery.  These historical gripes are the supposed foundational justification for so called systemic racism and unequal legal architectures that require the violent overthrow of working Western systems.  

What did Ireland do to deserve BLM?

Ireland literally had nothing. Much of the country still has little comparatively.  My cousins in Ireland lived in economically challenged, agrarian communities in the 1970s and 1980s when I would visit. One need only watch The Commitments to see the pre-Celtic Tiger’s North Dublin to understand how poor Ireland was. Ireland’s economic and political reforms in the 1990s enabled her to become a banking and global finance seat for corporate headquarters around the world. She is very different today than the Ireland within which my mother was conceived. But that does not negate the history of Ireland, herself. 

Ireland had no slaves. Ireland had no empire. Ireland was nearly wiped out due to famine. So, why do the Irish – many of whom still remember the endemic poverty that once saddled the country – have to suffer violent assaults in the name of black justice?

The answer: none of this is about black justice. This is all about toppling White societies. Ireland is White and therefore, like the United States, England, and France, she must be toppled. 

Black Lives Matter in Ireland just proved over the past week that which the vast majority of the Dissident Right has known for years: BLM’s goal is not addressing historical grievances for the sake of equality; BLM’s goal – as well as African populations globally – is to win a race war. They are genuinely looking to eradicate White people, along with their history and culture, regardless of where they may reside. They have weaponized the concept of “racism” to get empathetic White people to drop their guards and take the hits… until they are obliterated. 

Consequently, we are in a one-sided conflict. Even though I generally cringe at terms like “RaHoWa,” those who believe such a fate is coming (or has come) have some good societal evidence to point toward. After all, whether you want to be in a fight or not is irrelevant; if someone punches you in the nose, you are in a fight whether you like it or not. BLM is constantly punching Western societies in the face.

However, in all this, BLM may have made a strategic mistake in Ireland. 

As I just stated, it was only three decades ago – within the lifetime of many Irish – that Ireland was barely a second world country. It was only two decades ago that Ireland’s Nationalists put down their weapons… and not all of them did. Whereas many Irish have bought into the leftist garbage, many are turning toward their Nationalist roots. The Celtic dissident boards are fired up and getting fiercer by the minute. It is impossible to tell a people who literally sing “A Nation Once Again,” that they must be eradicated for the sake of global African justice. 

Unlike the United States and Imperial Europe, where some of her citizenry can be exploited emotionally by leftist professors for perceived historical wrongs, the Irish have no such grounds upon which to be accused. Thus, as BLM shouts about racial inequality in Dublin over the justifiable killing of a savage beast, they do so toward an Irish population that was raised on stories of British oppression.  It is not a matter of if, but when the Irish – whom, to date, have been far too accommodating to Africans out of an ingrained Catholic sense of guilt over their own success – are going to start hitting back. 

Think me wrong? 

Traditional Catholic and Orthodox Europe is already leading the charge against cultural Marxism and White genocide. Poland, Hungary, and Romania have been defiant in their political positions that counter the detestable European Union. If years of Soviet oppression did not sour the relationships between these Eastern European states and Russia, I suspect an alliance would have already been formed to supplant the European Union. Culturally Catholic Ireland has many of the same values as Eastern Europe. 

Both the Irish and the former communist Eastern Bloc both experienced excessive poverty while the rest of Europe ate well throughout the Cold War.  Both have suffered through occupation and each have histories of Nationalist uprisings.  However, Poland does not have a network of older men who remember how to engage in asymmetric warfare. When one of these BLM-inspired African savages steps a little too far, I suspect someone – or a group of “someones” – will engage. 

Of course, I have to make the following caveat:  this piece is not to say that I or Identity Dixie supports violence. Rather, this piece is simply to put two things together and into perspective. The first: BLM is obviously not seeking racial justice, but racial supplantation. The second: Ireland will awaken its Nationalist self, and when it does, things will not end well for the invaders. This is not a matter of “if” but “when.”

I grew up in a household that refused to consume anything British because it was British.  Despite the fact that we disagreed with the political proclivities of the Provos, we said Rosaries for all ten hunger strikers in 1981.  My grandmother cried for Bobby Sands.

That Ireland beats in the hearts of a lot of men currently sitting on the sideline and watching their country get torn apart.  Such a people do not just disappear.  Eventually, they take a stand. 

Let me close on an important historical parallel.  In 1169, the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland was invited by a deposed Irish king. England happily took advantage of Ireland’s disparate kingdoms and swiftly exploited the lack of Gaelic cohesion. It took seven hundred years before Ireland embraced a strategy capable of beating England – and that took another fifty years to manifest in an Independence War. 

Today, Ireland’s invasion is being supported by politicians who fear losing their economic clout in a Nationalist Ireland. They are kings soon to be deposed.  They know that Ireland did not vote for Sinn Fein in 2020 on the grounds of pure policy.  Sinn Fein did not win because it is now the face of more migrants and transgender boys.  Sinn Fein won because working class Irish still hold fond memories of “Ourselves Alone” – Nationalist champions.  Those sympathies are being quickly replaced with rage.  I predict you will see the Blue Shirts reemerge in some fashion very soon and behind them, a new Irish Army.  When that happens, I suspect BLM et al will have reached their high watermark and will quickly get beaten like every foreign invader ultimately does – both in Ireland and elsewhere.

Identity Dixie