Catholic Arena

After RTE issue a mock apology yesterday, designed to be condescending towards Catholics, many have become even further determined to have justice carried out.

One priest, Fr. Sean Mulligan of Monaghan, has condemned the ‘pathetic’ and ‘insincere’ apology of RTE, which was designed to insult the intelligence of ordinary Catholics.

There are growing calls for Catholics to continue to put pressure on RTE, a course of action made difficult by the fact that the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has not upheld a single complaint against the station in the past two years.

We recommend making the complaint if you have the time, but as a priority, one should pursue more effective avenues.

For example, we have heard from a number of people who have gone into their local Garda station and made statements, quoting Section 4 of the new Harassment Bill.

We have also heard from numerous people who have emailed RTE Director Dee Forbes directly at

Some have also contacted the agent of Aengus Mac Grianna at or promising to boycott his alpaca business.

Whatever you do, do not give up, this is an insult to Our Lord and Our Blessed Lady.

Catholic Arena