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The story over RTE’s deliberate hate speech broadcast, using our taxes, has escalated today.

Firstly, new Archbishop of Dublin Dermot Farrell issued a statement condemning their ‘trivialising’ of rape and of Divinity.

Having received a barrage of 600 complaints, RTE then decided to escalate the situation even further, issuing a sarcastic apology designed to mock Catholics by insinuating that they were easily offended.

Their condescending reply stated “RTÉ recognises that matters which can cause offence naturally differ from person to person, within comedy and satire in particular’’.

It comes after Monaghan priest Fr. Sean Mulligan instructed Catholics to boycott their Licence Fee in 2021, a campaign that we will be encouraging people to get behind.

While we broadly support efforts to complain to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, RTE are most likely now laughing at the fun they had crafting their sarcastic apology, the BAI rarely uphold claims against the corrupt and wealthy state broadcaster.

Instead, we encourage people to

  • Stop paying their TV Licence in 2021.
  • Contact RTE Director Dee Forbes directly on 01 208 3473 or at
  • Boycott Aengus Mac Grianna’s Westwind Alpacas business and encourage others to do likewise Westwind Alpacas – Home
  • Ostracise and shame any priest who offers Sunday Mas on RTE. No collaboration should be tolerated.

Catholic Arena